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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Choi Si Won - SJM Japan's Rhythm zone, Celebrities’ charity bazaar for the love.

SJM signs contract with Japan’s Rhythm Zone
Disc to be released early next year
Relevant details: Sales estimated to start from 13/01/2010
Format: CD
Issuing Company: Rhythm Zone
Date of release: 13/01/2010
Country of sale: Japan
Quantity: 1 Disc
Others: Comes with a DVD
The sub-unit from the group, SUPER JUNIOR, has been very well received, hence they were able to obtain this licence. It has been decided to be released in Japan.

On top of that, those who are enlisted, will be able to receive a gift from the members.
Further information, please go to Super Junior’s official website.
Video: Includes a video lesson on Chinese idioms
Card: The same size as the cover (1 out of the 7 types will be given)

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Super Junior - charity event
Idol group Super Junior spread the love by attending an charity event called Celebrities’ charity bazaar for the love. This is an event to celebrate the openning of “bnt news Japan” on November 1st.

Super Junior who are active with their concert will attend the event in late November to help the poor children.
The goal of this charity bazaar is for the after-school activities for the poor children and teenagers.

This event is sponsored by “bnt news” and will be held from November 20th to November 26th at Hyundae Department store.

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