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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Choi Si Won - itazura Na kiss korean version

siwonlover : (this posting is my thought as fans of Siwon)
need your participation ^^

recently, i hear that Group eight who make Boys Before Flower, a big hit korean drama of Hana Yori Dango, plan to remake Itazura Na Kiss in Korean version. there is a rumor that they are searching main actor for Naoki Irie role. I think our Siwon is the most suitable for that role. As i know, that Siwon pass the Rui role in Boys Before Flower (finally went to Kim Hyung Joong of SS501) due to Siwon's activities in Super Junior and sub group M. (please correct me, if i wrong)

If Siwon have this lead role, i think it is good for him ^^. i just feel happy if Siwon gain more success in his life. (beside this thought, i also thinking his health, and Siwon's life plans, i hope what i post here now, is not contradiction with Siwon's thought. Yes, success is not merely about money and being famous, but mostly about how we can manage our heart,life and keep our relationship with HIM.)
What i mean in this posting is, i just think , if siwon is known world wide, it is good for siwon to be more known as a good social role model. God always be with Siwon. Thus, i show up this here and ask your favor to support our siwon by comment in many sites i put below :

i'm still searching the official one. i'm searching Group eight's official site. I hear, netizen who have been impacted by big hit Boys Before Flower, want Lee Min Ho to play this role. again as a lead role as in BBF. Minho skill is good. But i prefer Siwon. since Andy Lau even praised Siwon's acting skill in their last movie.

there is another page in soompi forum and also in allkpop, but it is needen to register in their forum first. So these up to u.

Pls comment for siwon ^^
i wrote this in those above pages :
can we have Choi Si Won from SUper Junior act as Irie Naoki ?
I think he is most suitable than others. With his gorgeous outlook and his charisma. and he has natural prince aura in him.and most important is Siwon has good acting skill. (even andy lau admit it in their last movie)

if you guys have more info related this topic, pls kindly tell me by comment this posting.
Thank you for your kind favor.

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  1. Yup, I believe siwon has the potential but from the look of his schedule now, I'm nit sure if he can make the time for it. I heard he has been travelling across china for the past few weeks with activities everyday. Nevertheless, I think siwonnhas the innane talent to act, I will support his dream anyway I can;) siwonlover, if there are any other ways we can help him fulfill his dream, feel free to let all of us know:)

  2. i feel the same too..with his pack schedule; from the promotion of suju-m mini album to suju concert,it seems impossible for him to be in the drama*eventhough i want to see him acting so badly*..i'll wait 'bout the final actors and actress for this drama though..
    p/s:siwon was been selected to be jihoo-sunbae??kyaa~