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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Choi Si Won - is going to shoot a film next year ?, 12+ CF

Choi Si Won � Super Junior M to shoot a film?

CCTV's Music Radio called The Sound of Music, the worldwide Chinese-language radio and pop music station, voluntarily joined a collaboration ― Global Chinese Golden Charts 全球华语流行金榜, (Nov 16,2009) established today in Beijing. Organizers also invited popular boy band Super Junior-M for support, thus making the scene crazy. However, it was a pity that one of the members, Donghae, could not attend due to catching a cold.

When handsome Hangeng appeared, the scene turned into chaos. He revealed that in future, he and the team members will hold album conferences and concerts in Taipei, Nanjing, etc; next year they will even shoot a film. When asked about the role the wants to act in the most, he said, "I want to act in hero-like roles. (Which star do you most want to collaborate with?) I want to collaborate with Older Brother Jackie Chan the most because, from the films that I've seen of his, I think that his martial arts looks really good."

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This below is an old news I got from ^^ I just love to post it here since it's never been here ^^

* Super Junior : Choi Si Won Finds Himself in the Middle of Fame, Thursday July 3, 2008 China
Note: Credit to ELF Philippines for the translation if posted elsewhere. Do not edit anything on this article.

Tall, freshly-shaven and still blooming from a 4-hour sleep, 21 year old Super Junior member Choi Si Won, sohu discovers, has an appeal difficult to resist.

But beyond his looks, what's more charming about this Seoul-born lad is his penchant for his religious acts (Protestant), unconsciously-gestured behavior and for always looking at the bright side of life which inspire his bandmates more.

Si Won in real life has been transformed by love... love for his family and friends. Let's just say that he had his heart broken in the past, but he'd rather not dwell on that. He'd rather concentrate on the good breaks pouring in. "I'm happy when people recognize me. I feel fulfilled everytime they appreciate me."

For Si Won - who says there's nothing like watching the sun rise and set. It's like start of a new day, end of a day well-spent with his loved-ones and fans supporting him.
12+ CF

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