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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Choi Si Won - in fanfiction, Mini Drama 2007

Because it's weekend, i put some funny posting here ^^. Guess what! ^^ Visitors, this below story i got when i browsed on internet, and such a funny fanfiction abt uri Siwonnie ^^.. I love the author's funny imagination...i just can not stop laugh after finish the story.. ^^ Just came across on my mind, what if this story be made as a movie. I think i'll rush on shop as soon as it launch ...
What if the story goes... hhahhahaha...
Once again, .. it's just fanfiction ^^..( Absolutely, Siwon is a straight and definately not a gay. ) And this story also tell , it's only way to escape from those agressive girls. Enjoy it ^^
Thanks for Train1332 (Author).

Title : When life gives you lemon

Author : Train1332 >> ME !!

Pairing : YeWon,EunHae,KangTeuk,KyuMin,HanChul

Rating : PG-13

Summary : Siwon is scared by his fangirls and YeSung is here to help !! :D
For Belicax and LaCryMamosa



It was just a normal quiet day on campus, Yesung was only sitting under the tree writing songs as usual, and then the peace and quiet died out as the sound of squealing and screaming girls was heard.

YeSung sighed, this has happened for quite a while now. It’s the beginning of the second year for YeSung, so that means he’s a sophomore in Music department.

The screaming started at the beginning of the year, where a new freshman Choi Siwon entered the school.

Choi Siwon, freshmen, first year in music department, plays the piano, drums, and he can sing. Well no wonder every girls like him, the way the audition for the singing club made YeSung
shivered, the power of that voice is amazing.

The screams got even louder and YeSung decided that he’ll go to the rooftop instead. He started to stand, when he saw Siwon running towards him at full speed.

Siwon was beside YeSung before he knew it.
“I’m gay and he’s my boyfriend! Leave me alone!!” he said

YeSung eyes widened and he blushed deep red. The only thing that came to his mind at the time is...

...what the....?

The girls all stood there, looking shocked and pale, they turned to stare at YeSung with the look of pure hatred and disgust.

Suddenly YeSung feels like hiding under a rock and never coming out again, those girls are
going to bully him every day because of this.

The crowd dissipated after a while, leaving Siwon and YeSung alone under the tree.
“Why did you do that!?” YeSung said harshly, he glared at Siwon.

Siwon blinked at the question, and only stared at YeSung.
“Sorry hyung, but please help me hyung !! I can’t stand those girls !!” he said, looking almost scared.

YeSung was upset clearly, he only wanted a peaceful college life, but even that is too much to ask. He can’t help feeling sorry for Siwon as well, those girls are getting more aggressive these days.

“Okay fine, what do you want me to do ? Pretend that we’re dating or something ?” YeSung asked, only half jokingly.

“Wow, you read my mind” he said grinning, YeSung sighed for the God-knows-how-many time that way.

That was the day when everything in YeSung’s life becomes upside down...

A/N : Short I know... I need some feedback on this though :D Please comment !! Thank you >o< !! ------

I can imagine, how people react when attend the same school with Siwon ^^ But i promise not to make a mess or annoy when i meet him ^^ i just bring medium poster with ' pray for Siwon success in Christ ' written on it

Being a Choi... being a tall person ^^

There has been an interesting fact going around the world of netizens that has been stirring up a bit of interest.

Among the many idol groups that have sprung up from SM Entertainment, a trend can be found.

Tallest Members in:

Super Junior: Choi Siwon at 183 cm
SNSD / Girl's Generation: Choi Sooyoung 169-170 cm
SHINee: Choi Minho ~181 cm
TVXQ / DBSK: Choi Kang Chang Min ~186 cm
f(x): Choi Sulli Unknown height, but it has been confirmed that she is taller than Victoria

Choi Si Won in Super Junior Mini Drama Ep 3, 2007

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  1. Hhahha thnx for sharing the fanfic it's adorable !!! >.< hahaha I hope to attend the same sch as him too. But I think it'll be too dangerous for me cuz I may jut hyperventilate to deah when I see him. Heheh hahaha being choi means being tall ;)) so interesting!! Thanks for the updates!!!

  2. hahaha.. yeahh.. it's funny..
    btw, i agree with you, if i can meet him, i will not make a mess or annoy,,,

    lol XDD

    I can't believed someone reposted this teehee~ <3
    Aiah~ This is such an old fic~

    And yes, I am train1332 ;3
    and no I am not lying teehee~ <3

  4. hello train1332, thanks anyway for your cute story ^^
    believe me, yours is so funny story ^^
    thank u and GBU

  5. anniyong haseyo oppa........ cuneun E.L.F

  6. For those who have no idea what fanfiction is or never heard the term fanfiction before - it's basically the creation of fictional content based on an already existing storyline