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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Choi Si Won - 12+photoshooting, Siwon the photographer,Fanmeeting in Taiwan

Some days ago, i found this site just copy my posting (articles in this . I have commented on their pages that definitely copy my title posting and some my words and then put it on their page without my permit. omydearblog... what r they doing... and after i put my posting Saturday , Nov 7, 2009, Choi Si Won - in fanfiction, MiniDrama 2007, they copied it again without my permit...
"Choi Si Won - in fanfiction, MiniDrama 2007..
By morriskeslar
Because it's weekend, i put some funny posting here ^^. Guess what! ^^ Visitors, this below story i got when i browsed on internet, and such a funny fanfiction abt uri Siwonnie ^^.....
exactly same as i've posted here. BUT... watch the word "By morriskeslar"
oomyyyyy.... what can i say abt this...Even in blogsphere there is an ethics... Anyway, at least they tell me first or wtv ...( because they also copy my personal comment) ..but they didnt tell me at all... and they do that again, and again and again..even after i posted comment to their page....make me sighh... omydearblog,.... just keep me ... fiuhhh calm down calm patient...

ok visitors, lets go to the news i collect this day... just let them go... i dont like fill my mind with annoying thing...aishh ^^
All .. be blessed and always grateful .. stay healthy
"I-spy" Magazine. 12+ Photoshoot session Choi Siwon and Lee Donghae

Credit :

Choi Siwon, the photographer ^^
Look at this beautiful angle and photoshot. uri Siwon is completely an artist. Good at painting, handwriting, singing, dancing, photograph. A definitely sportman with heavenly touch and artistic taste.
See more Choi Siwon, the photographer ^^
See more Choi Siwon's handwriting

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Super Junior M would be holding their first fan meet in Taiwan

Last night (November 7th), the popular idol group Super Junior M, who are currently promoting their new mini album “Super Girl”, made an appearance in Taipei,to announce through video that they would be holding their first fan meet in Taiwan on December 5th and 6th. Becoming the warm up for the Super Junior concert to be held next year in February.

Learning that their album had topped number 1 in 3 charts in Taiwan, SJ-M promised “We must do promotions in Taiwan so we can thank our fans in person”. Last night, their record company (avex) held a mysterious “Super Girl Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek” at the Breeze Mall in Taipei. Led by Hangeng, the 7 members announced through the video that they would be holding two fan meets at the Taipei International Meeting Center.

For this fan meet, Chinese Member Zhoumi even sacrificed the opportunity to celebrate his parents’ anniversary with them on December 6th.

Aside from close interactions with fans, performing their heart-touching songs, each member will have solo performances. Tickets for the SJ-M “First Taipei Fan Party” will go on sale through Era Ticket ( on November 14th, 12 o clock

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  1. are those pictures at the airport taken by siwonn?? hehe he's so talented. ^^ haha they are so funny~~~~ and i want that keychain too~~~ why do they only sell it in thailand >.<

  2. yes, they r taken by Siwon ^^. multi talented. ^^
    because 12+ is a product of company based in Thailand i think ^^

  3. siwon so talented, i like him more n more ^^

  4. I wish that girl was me...hahah...I want to see siwon...huhuhu and dong hae and christian khyuhyun!!

  5. i want to see him too ^^, donghae too, the cute kyuhyun too ^^