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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

SJM become on 1st place in Mandarin Charts

[090928/SJ-M]SJ-M’s Astonishing Momentum! “Super Girl” Ascends to 1st Place After 2 Days

SJ-M’s Astonishing Momentum! “Super Girl” Gloriously Ascends to First Place on the Mandarin Charts after 2 Days of Sales

Asia’s super group Super Junior’s sub-group, Super Junior-M’s (abbreviation SJ-M) first mini album “Super Girl” was rushed for worldwide release in Taiwan on Wednesday 23 September. With the result of two days of sales, it has also taken first place on Mandarin music charts of Taiwan’s two largest sales charts, G-Music and the chart of the five largest record companies. On G-Music it has also gloriously ascended to No.1 on the “Composite Chart”. It can be said that in recent years, SJ-M is the first group that has not been to Taiwan for promotions yet it has been able to take first place on the Mandarin music charts. This great result makes SJ-M, who are not in Taiwan, extremely happy!

After going through a year and a half of non-stop learning of Chinese and practice, of the five Chinese songs on SJ-M’s newest mini album “Super Girl”, they have shown even clearer pronunciation and articulation and a singing style of standard Chinese. It has left everyone with a deep impression of SJ-M’s earnest search for improvement.

Differing to last year’s first Mandarin album in which a number of Chinese covers were done of many of the title songs from SJ’s Korean albums, this time SJ-M has created an album with Chinese songs that belong to their own style. Not only have all five songs been completely newly produced, even the composer who has been invited is super teacher Yoo Youngjin from E-Tribe, which has written the Korean song “Gee” for SNSD and also “Sorry Sorry” that has taken the whole of Taiwan by storm

On the back of the sensation of the super popular song “Sorry Sorry”, besides making-to-measure “Super Girl” as the newest title song that audiences are awaiting, in the MV SJ-M has also shown completely new images and dancing. Especially once the MV was released online, the level of familiarity and the very addictive chorus matched with clean and powerful handsome dance moves even became the topic of discussion amongst all netizens. While the easily recited Chinese lyrics have also made “Super Girl” become everyone’s super powerful song that can be sung after listening to it once. Even SNSD’s Jessica has also helped by appearing in the MV and has become the lucky girl of an extremely high level of interest.

While the group of seven members (Han Geng, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Henry and Zhou Mi) have never been to Taiwan for promotions, but all members’ hearts are with Taiwan. Without precedent, Taiwan was chosen as the place for the release of the new album this time as a gift of gratitude to Taiwan fans. From the announcement of the new MV to its official release, within the space of less than two weeks it has attracted more than 700,000 hits online. In two days, the Taiwanese version of the album has also taken the crown on the two largest sales charts in the Asian region, G-Music and the chart of the five largest record companies. To a Mandarin group that has more than half of its members from overseas, it is really something that could not be predicted! In relation to Taiwan being the first country to be able to show this kind of good result, every member of SJ-M is very happy. Leader Han Geng indicated that, “we really do thank the Taiwan fans for their support! Super Junior has already been to Taiwan three times, but Super Junior-M has never been to Taiwan so we hope that the mini album this time will give us the opportunity to do promotions in Taiwan and be able to see the Taiwan fans. We will bring an even better stage for everyone. I hope everyone is able to continue to support us, Super Junior-M. Thank you everyone!”

Worthy of a mention is that since last year’s first album “Mi (Me)”, SJ-M which is about to start promotions everywhere, prior to the release of this new album it also generated lots of expectations. Member Zhou Mi indicated that, “I’ve always had one regret and that is that all the members have been to Taiwan before, but up to now I still haven’t been to Taiwan. Taiwan is Henry’s family home so every time Henry comes back from Taiwan he always tells me, “in Taiwan this is very tasty, that is very tasty”. While the other members also will tell me that, “this place in Taiwan is really fun”, so I really hope to be able to use the opportunity this time to do promotions in Taiwan and go to Taiwan to sing for everyone!” Asia’s hot and extremely popular SJ-M is vigorously doing promotions for its Asia tour and the schedule for Taiwan’s promotions are currently being actively arranged. Avex Taiwan invites all fans to please wait a little longer!

Translated by: purple_princess@


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  1. I loved what you just wrote about Siwon, I love this guy he's not just pop.singer, actor and a great athlete but a man of faith as well. Yeah as a christian I can relate that's the reason why I love him the most out of all the super junior members. Not because he is good looking, well that a pluse but because he never shy about his faith. Love him much and continue to pray for his sucess. As brother and sister in christ we all should pray hard for him. May his grace bless Siwon and SJ members.

  2. yeah thanks for comment ^^
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    i got the point , always support Siwon with pray ^^