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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Siwonlover letter

Okay, this time i just want to say something abt whats the reason i made this blog.. Maybe i just dream on or whatever people name it, but truly i do really want to make it because what i feel about him.
I think its quite many times i spend front of computer to searching anything and everything related with him. People say i'm getting crazy abt him, and i think thats not wrong,.. i admit that.. just because for the first time i was so impressed with his modesty in Christ, what i mean, even he is amazingly a rich man (i know this after months since my heart started rush into him), has gorgeous outlook appearances, -it was so dazzling me even untill now-, his politeness and his warm eyes.

-Now, i've learnt to schedule my time in right way, so i can also do many things and keep tracking Siwon's schedule. ^^ Not only in front of computer whole day.-

I dont know exactly, will he read this posting, just to tell visitors - if you want to know anyway ^^, and maybe because recently i took time figured out my self about my feel to Siwon.
Truly it was relief to found an idol like Siwon. His gentleness, his character, smile, warm eye, kind-hearted, his talents, and the most is his faith in Christ *this why i love him and support him to his successful life in Christ*, his politeness, his altruistic, his persistence in discipline life way and many other things. I think, world and especially young generation need to have a figure that can give right influences and good impact.

Dear Siwon,
i'm happy to found an idol like you. I saw you years ago in 18 vs 29. Good looking, cute, and handsome , that was my first impression about Siwon. But truly, i started keep my eyes to Siwon this march 2009. When i browsed internet in not certain purpose, i came to wikipedia page that talks about Siwon.
I still remember, statement that made me start to find another articles about Siwon is "Siwon was raised in strict christian family".
I wondered, what's this' mean .. because mostly ended up with a christian that only has christian as religion, but do not know his Lord and do not have true desire for HIM.
And after days i knew that Siwon is good man and has strong belief in Christ. Then somehow i started keep my eyes to Siwon.
As i know, many artists has various talents, good voice when they sing, good skill, multi talents, even being incredibly person, let's say... someone who can make people say 'you are too good to be true'... but for me, this is really first time, that i do really in love with an idol/artist, and that's Siwon Choi.
Not only has cute dimples and warm smile, good acting skill, good ability in sports, good body, nice voice, good looking, but Siwon has most important in life, your belief. Your character. Your way to response everything is good. I love it. I love your gentleness.
Because i always think, gentleness make someone easy to be better, easy to understanding right way, easy to be teached, and easy to open heart for right thing *only right thing*. you know what i mean, since we are christian, the 'right'word refers to the TRUTH. As Jesus tells us , "I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE,.." i consider, nowadays, people have their own truth concepts, but what i say is the absolute TRUTH.

I consider some fake news in celebrity life... i mean, they sometimes boost good news that doesnt real or clear. only to show up their name and be known widely to gain their market target. But, i hope every good news i know about Siwon, is real. Your love for our God is real.

i do really have a great time watching your videos on youtube.
it always come across in my mind, that Siwon must keep always have a deep relationship with our Great Savior, Christ.
because nowadays if we do not put high attention with our spirit life, something bad just come as a robber in our path life, i mean, this world can corrupt our relationship with Him. corrupt our 'way of thingking something', corrupt our heart, corrupt our character, corrupt the way we say something to people.
My pastor says, do not be surprised if somepeople doesnt like your kindness , maybe they get us wrong, missunderstood. Or like Bible says, World doesnt like you wholeheartly because you are not from world.Do not be surprised, but keep moving in His way.

I'm so glad when i read that Siwon is a man who has deep concern in christianity.
hope you'll always be the same man. Like the first time we met Jesus personally, and it would be always the same of us forever. Nothing change. Our love for Him, may it always be more. Day by day, we put our trust in Him.

I pray for your succes and especially your spiritual life in Christ. Christ in you is the hope of glory.
may you always in good health, so you can always be 'light' everywhere you go and everytime in your life. Always be in healthy, so we can fulfill our destiny in Him and His great plans in us.

More success in life. Know God's will more than ever. Keep your spirit up in Him. Romans 12: 1-2, untill world acknowledge Christ in you -instead of you as Siwon Choi in your life.
Siwon, Jesus bless you.

i do really like when Siwon sing this song, very great song. Somehow, HE told me something great thru this song. HE told me who i am.

This below, a song that i give to Siwon. Let HIS will be in your life, Siwon.

with love and hug,
YA or Andrew Eunice (in english)
my other blog
-i'm sorry for not good in English yet-

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  1. lovely letter !!!! ^^
    i am serious!!!
    i am a fans of siwon too, but i never thik deep like that you thik about siwon. it's touching me.. so sweet for me..
    i hope, siwon will read your love letter, and i hope you will meet him, because he must know that he have the real fans that love him with heart and soul,.. neorago...

  2. thanks ^^ am i too deep? ^^ but really i love siwon n want to support him with pray ^^
    Rock ya! God's hero!! Siwon!! ^^

  3. huaaah i'm crying when i read it. hwaiting!

  4. im siwon fans too...
    actually 1st time i saw him in 18vs29 just like u :P
    i know that siwon is a christian, but i dont know that he's really have a deep relation with God, im really happy when i know it...
    i hope that true..

  5. it my fist time to check this but how is siwon and the super jounior people and why they call the self super junior i just want to now why u all talk about this person. the way u talk about him seem u all love.

  6. sorry for the spellin, i was writing realy fast so i didnt check it
    i meant who is siwon, and themselves,

  7. waw...i really like this page, love siwon too. May God always Bless him :)

  8. can i join this blog? Because i love siwon too...