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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Choi Si Won - Thai Massage, Happy Camp 2008, fake fight with Henry

Choi Si Won and Dong Hae, recently in Thailand variety show, have got Thai massage

Donghae and Siwon are the guests! they are absolutely adorable in the show.

Siwon answered most of the questions when Donghae sits still smiling next to him. There was a question about a place they want to visit in Thailand and yet have never been. Siwon’s answer was Phuket. He said that Hankyung had been there and told the members how beautiful it was.. and he compared Phuket to Hawaii.. he really wants to visit the place.

Another question was about their ’super girl’ type. Donghae answered first, he said he want someone who only loves him (like only look at him) and person has to be a good korean-food cook! Siwon said he want someone who really loves him and dedicated herself to work (not sure if he meant a hard worker) as well.

The MC also asked the boys what Thai word do they learn this time for 12+, Siwon said “Nean ner” (meaning very smooth) while touching the MC’s arm!!!

there are some other questions but i don’t really remember since i was too happy watching the boys. lol.

next week, there will be more of Donghae and Siwon on this show as they will be cooking Thai food SOMTUM or spicy papaya salad! there’s a sneak preview of that and Siwon was really cute asking for water after he tasted his SOMTUM and it was too hot! XD

cr : h.사랑

Choi Si Won and Han Geng, in China variety show 'Happy Camp 2008'Siwon sang 'Do you love me?' in Mandarin.

Choi Si Won & Henry Lau (SJ M member)

I try to hold my comment for the next posting, but i cant wait any longer ^^
so much love for Siwon's expression here ^^
this was in interview 12+ CF in Thailand,
sorry, because i have it randomly from internet, i forgot to rename the file with the date of related event. But i think its around March - June 2009, not long from Siwon photoshoot on Men's Health Magazine. I just recognize Siwon's hairstyle here (Siwon's hairstyle in here is my most favourite. It can completely show Siwon's extremely gorgeous handsome ^^)and also suit with his kindhearted personality

And this below in Uljan event (so sorry for misspelling)

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  1. Awwwww his voice is so warm and buttery:) I think I just melted XD.. For some reason I feel at peace listening to his voice:))) hehe thr audience's reaction was so funny;) yah I agree I like this hairstyle too! Shiwonnie, hwaiting! ~~~~