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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Choi Si Won - Sushow II ShangHai,Blunt Korea, Net Ease, Cctv network Star

Super Show II
Shanghai, Oct 18, 2009

Super Junior introduction

Siwon - Marry U + ending

Super Show Shanghai (icepluscoffee) 1 - 224 images

Super Show Shanghai (icepluscoffee) 2 - 254 images

Super Show Shanghai (icepluscoffee) 3 - 228 images

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1018’s Supershow at Shanghai’s ultra long fan account

My memory’s not fabulous so I’m a little confused. Besides, I don’t really know how to write a fanaccount, please excuse me! I’ll try my best to write down what I remember. This time, my seat was far away from the stage so I didn’t see many fanservices and thats why this might seem a little boring!

Firstly, I shall introduce some of their hairstyles that day. Sungmin’s hairstyle that day was somehow the same as during their second album. The only difference was that his right side wasn’t shaved off and he had tied a few plaids(?). Heechul still has that ramen head. During a few songs at the opening, he used a white headband to tie a small ponytail. It was the same for Donghae and Siwon!

After singing “U”, 11 of them took off their clothes. Don’t think it the wrong way, they only took off their outer coat! During “Sorry Sorry”, Siwon is really showed a lot, his buttons weren’t even buttoned! Although I know that recently, your abs were trained well but in my heart, you are still a oil tank!

During “Shining Star”, Heechul was sitting on a high chair at the D-section, which was facing us. He was sitting and he kept turning the chair. I thought Hankyung would be at the G-section like during the Seoul Concert but now, he was sitting alone at a desolated A-section. The Hanchul fanservice was gone like that! Talking about Heechul, I have to mention about his image while singing “Gee” during the concert. It wasn’t a Jessica hairstyle, instead, it was a straight fringe with 2 cute bun ponytails. This time, he didn’t do his “rare” kissing of a fan’s hand, neither did he shout “I say gee, you say Heechul”. However, during U, he still threw his white feathery fan towards the people at the A2-section. When we were leaving the stadium, I did see a girl holding the white feathery fan, showing it off happily.

During Superman, after Heechul finished singing his part, he went to touch Shindong’s tummy. Shindong gave a helpless expression and looked at his tummy. When they were dressed as animals, it was Cat Heechul’s time. Heechul held his Cat Heechul flag at his mouth and used a watergun to shoot at his fans.
During “Heartquake”, Eunhyuk was wearing a white suit with a white hat and a pair of sunglasses. He also wore a light coloured pair of tight jeans and was at B-section rapping his rap very handsomely. Those kind of “handsomeness” was equivalent to when he was dancing “Sorry Sorry” or “Its you”! And during “one love”, it was very funny. We were actually supposed to shout “Saranghaeyo XXX”. After everyone shouted “Saranghaeyo Lee Sungmin”, maybe its because he was jealous, Eunhyuk shouted on his own “Saranghaeyo Lee Hyukjae!”. It was really super adorable!

During Gee, Ryeowook did what he did during the Seoul concert, flinging his wig which had long black hair like crazy. Sungmin didn’t wear a wig that day. All he wore was a head band. Leeteuk and Eunhyuk was wearing a decorative little hat. Donghae had a big butterfly knot!It was super adorable!

During their self introduction, there wasn’t a special Kibum surprise as what the organizer said. Heechul also didn’t imitate Kibum. During Heechul’s introduction, he shouted “Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul,Milky Skin Kim Heechul”. After that,everyone shouted it again as well. When it was Eunhyuk’s turn to introduce, Donghae grabbed Eunhyuk very playfully and refused to let go. This might be one of the very little fan service I’ve seen that day! And also, Gamekyu(Kyuhyun) went to copy Donghae. During his introduction, he purposely used “My dearest darlings*“. Yesung oppa still didn’t have any creativity and used the 2 sentences “Save me! Have you eaten?”

During Marry U, Siwon gave Leeteuk a hug. After I came online to see pictures from the concert, I discovered that when Siwon hugged Leeteuk, his hand was holding a half-eaten banana!

During the fairy tale play, Heechul acted as a dinosaur and Shindong acted as a baby. After the dinosaur saves the baby’s VCR was played, they started acting in person. Heechul and Shindong danced a little bit of SNSD’s song and something miraculous happened. Heechul actually lifted Shindong! I was so worried for Heechul at that moment! Dongdong, aren’t you scared that you will flatten our Heechul? After the fairy tale play ended, at that moment when the lights shut off, Heechul jumped onto Shindong’s back. This is the Kim Heechul we know! o(╯□╰)o

During our Donghae’s solo, he went to A4-section and took the concert’s camera. Pulling the wires and singing, he was taking photos of himself and walked a few metres towards the main stage. Talking about self-taking, Sungmin also took out his orange colour camera and took a picture of the fans and the sapphire blue ocean! That day, Sungmin was quite high. After the ending bow, a fan threw a Sungmin poster. After that, Sungmin was holding it happily on his hand with a blissful expression on his face! That day, Heechul and Hankyung also did many funny faces to the camera, very cute! I’m unable to describe how cute those funny faces were! I also realised that Heechul became skinnier than before. He doesn’t have double chin anymore. Despite that, he is still that beautiful Heechul,especially during “Gee”!

The following, I don’t remember which scene happened at which songs. During one of the songs, Donghae kneeled down at the platform in front of the B-section and Eunhyuk used both of his hands and grabbed Donghae’s head, acting that he was using his knee to hit Donghae’s head. Donghae wasn’t angry, instead, it felt as if he was in happiness. During one of the songs, when Siwon was singing, Yesung went to kiss his face. When Yesung was singing, Siwon also gave Yesung a kiss. These few fellas who refused to suffer a loss! But the one that attracted the most screams was Heechul’s kiss. At that moment, I’m not sure if it was Heechul who wanted to give Eunhyuk a kiss or Heechul already kissed Eunhyuk. When I realised, Eunhyuk had an awkward expression on his face and ran to the F-section, embarassed. After that, Donghae also followed him. The two of them started throwing the little flags to the fans which was in Sapphire Blue and had “Supershow” printed on it. During one of the songs, I remember it was a slow song, all of them were sitting on the stage’s stairs. Suddenly,Shindong ran out and kneeled on the floor. Sungmin also playfully ran out and tried to push Shindong down but Shindong didn’t even budge. I shall help Shindong say “Sungmin, you should take a look at who you are pushing!”

Fan service. I didn’t even managed to see Hanchul’s fanservice! At D-section,I don’t know where Sungmin took this plush toy from and he started using it to hit Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun just let Sungmin continue to hit him and he was smiling really happily. Another fanservice was at the H-section. Eunhyuk was helping Donghae put on his Nimo fish helmet(for carnival).

I think that everyone should know that during “Shining Star”, Eunhyuk and Leeteuk cried. Today, after crying during “Shining Star”, Leeteuk’s expression wasn’t very high and he even looked upset. After that, he practically didn’t even smile! When they were singing Superman, Sungmin saw that Leeteuk wasn’t happy. He specially ran over and used his hand to pull Leeteuk’s cape to make him happy but Leeteuk didn’t even turn his head. Instead, he quietly walked towards the main stage. Afterall, there were so many things that happened within a short time. To Leeteuk, it must have been a huge blow. During Superman, nobody sang Kangin’s part in the song. At that time, the atmosphere was a little awkward and the following SJ-H’s songs were also like that. Kibum was already missing and now Kangin is also missing. Although Kangin didn’t come, although Kangin did many wrong things, everyone at the concert was very supportive of him. When the VCR had Kangin, everyone will scream very loudly although the cheers of support wasn’t very successful. It was a pity this time because there wasn’t really any cheers of support for Kibum.

About this concert, I was rather disappointed. There were failed cheers of support, failed seats, failed atmosphere. Cheers, except for certain songs, wasn’t really successful. My classmate who was outside said he only heard our screams and didn’t hear our cheers. During Marry U, Donghae even shouted “louder!”. Maybe our cheers came too late but even the most basic “We are ELF!” also wasn’t shouted. The funniest thing was that everyone can even shout “Encore!”. Thinking about touching DBSK’s 10.2’s Shanghai concert was. Not that I want to compare with them but I felt that we didn’t do good enough! This time’s sitting efficiency** wasn’t high. I went in at 7 and at that time,only 50%(of the stadium) was filled. The B-section of the inside of the stadium was practically empty. When it was nearing the starting of the concert, that part was filled. The whole stadium was around 80% filled. many people said that the sitting efficiency wasn’t high. Actually, it isn’t like this. The main thing is that everyone didn’t have a seat and all of them went to squeeze near the stage. If you want to speak about sitting efficiency, the title should be given to our section! When I went in, the section was already filled. However, when the concert started, our section was only left 2 rows of people. Besides me and 2 ladies who was sitting on my left, the rest of the people seemed to be watching the concert quite calmly and they didn’t even shout or cheer. I actually thought this section I was sitting at wouldn’t get any interaction from the boys but during “What If”, Sungmin and KRY stood at the turning platform and they waved to us! This concert, many of the people received the tickets for free. Some of these people watched a few songs and left. I saw one holding a green lightstick that left even before the concert started! I heard from my classmate that at his section, there were many elementary school students who was there just to fill the seats! I feel really sorry to the oppas and Leeteuk! When I saw that Leeteuk was thanking the China Elfs on his CY, I felt really ashamed. I heard that during April next year, there will be a Shanghai encore concert. At that time,we will show a real ELF image to Leeteuk and SUJU! Lastly, what I want to say is that since we love them, we must take care of them properly, please don’t throw things! Wasn’t it very good during the concert? Why did everyone start throwing things uncontrollably at the end of the concert?
We are ELFs~

*Donghae uses this often to address the fans in Chinese.
**How fast the fans were seated at the stadium/how fast it was filled up.

Credit: SJF
Translated by ☆Yoojin @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Siwon in Blunt Korea (endorsement)

Blunt’s Official Website
Reupload by Blue`

Super Junior-M’s Interview On Net Ease -
Super Face to Face 2009.10.16
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