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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Choi Si Won - Super Junior M in Happy Camp Oct 2009

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Part 1:

~Happy Family sings and dances to “Youth”.
~Happy Family introduces the theme, “The real us” and the “men” in “us” is changed to an M.
~Introduces SJM as the group youth likes
~SJM does Super Girl
~Introductions– Highlights: Donghae’s shoulder pads and Kyuhyun’s long string of Chinese
~Nana talks about how she thinks Kyuhyun is rivaling Donghae in terms of Chinese ability.
~They talk about Wu Xing and Nana’s favorite boy types. Nana likes “manly” and Wu Xing likes “cute princes”.
~They talk about how each person is more manly or more cute. Most of them say they’re both. XD
~So they split the group up.
*MAN team: Siwon, Donghae, Kyuhyun
*Cute prince team: Ryeowook, Henry, Hankyung, Zhoumi
~They talk about Siwon’s muscles. He’s apparently gained 20 kg of muscle.
~2 stories about Siwon’s strength. 1, he apparently ripped his outfit when stretching. 2, he was moving out of the way for someone and accidentally knocked Eunhyuk into a sewer ((LOL)) and so they say that whenever there’s trouble or problems Siwon is probably there.
~Siwon uses his gentlemanly charms on Nana.
~Kyuhyun imitates Siwon when he was younger.
~Donghae imitates Siwon when he’s taking off his clothes when he’s going to sleep.
~Henry makes a “cute face”. Which is actually pretty scary. XD
~Ryeowook gets all clingy when they tell him to be cute and all the girls are like *I*’m not even like that when I want to act cute omfg.
~Geng is also trying to be cute but He Jiong says “Geng’s not that good… when he was hitting me it wasn’t cute it HURT.”
~And then they tell Mi to use his EYES to be “cute” and Mi says he’s more of a fashionista.
~So Zhoumi tells about his nickname. So everyone knows about Lady Gaga, right…?
~Zhoumi goes… I think I should be “Gentleman Mimi”. ((I LOLED REALLY HARD))
~And then they start talking about how instead of Ladies and Gentleman they would use “Ladies and Gagas, Gentlemen and Mimis…”
~Then they tell Kyuhyun to give them a “determined face” and to make it easier they give him a scenario that he’s promising that he’ll take care of a sick fan and he’s comforting her. They point at a random girl and Kyu refuses to direct his determination at her because “she’s not my fan”. Apparently she’s a Geng fan and so Geng is all like “Oh so you’re trying to steal my girls.” So Kyu finally finds his fans and says “Don’t worry. I’m here.” and is very awkward. XD
~And so Geng is jealous and does it to the girl they were telling Kyuhyun do it to at first.
~Siwon is then told to have a sad expression and say “it’s hot in here”. And so he’s kinda like “it’s hot in here I have to take my clothes off”.
~And then they tell Donghae to have a haughty expression and he goes “but I don’t have a scenario” and so they have him go up to Wei Jia and say “I’m better than you”.
~To be funny, they have Hai Tao go up to one of the SJM boys and say “I’m better than you”. Hai Tao goes up to the boys but Donghae blocks him and he was going to say it to Siwon but apparently his eyes scared him. And then he finally goes up to Geng and is like…… “You…… are better than me” and runs away. He Jiong is all like “Don’t worry, you can say: You aren’t as fat as me, your eyes aren’t as small as mine, your tummy isn’t as big as mine”
~~The preview is pretty funny too but we see them next anyway so no need to summarize. XD~~

Part 2:

~So they reveal that Kyuhyun and Zhoumi can hold their alcohol the best in SJM ((LOL QMi drinking buddies))
~He Jiong is also apparently the best drinker so they decide to have a pretend drink and Wei Jia gives He Jiong some pretend alcohol, then He Jiong says welcome to Happy Camp, etc etc and then drinks, but Kyuhyun and Zhoumi are still just standing there. When He Jiong asks what’s wrong, Zhoumi goes “Wei Jia ge forgot to give us alcohol”. ((Cheeky Mi <3 style="font-size:130%;">Siwon.
~So Hangeng tells about how they would compete to see who would have to go down and order food or buy beer. Siwon is a perv and goes “I see his body. All of it. SO SO SEXY.” and so they all ask Geng if he saw “everything” and he’s kinda likke duh… and so they ask what are the rules. Geng talks about how they have to smell good but have no soap suds. Apparently Geng won the competition, not because he has less body surface area ((Lulz)) but because Siwon was too busy staring at Hangeng’s body, he forgot to shower. ((Waaaay to come out of the closet Siwon XD))
~Geng goes “I really think he wasn’t wanting to compete with me, he just wanted to see me naked”
~And then they move onto Henry. Apparently one time they went to a poster store and Henry asked “Are there SJM posters?” “Yes”. “Are there Hangeng posters?” “Yes.” “Are there Henry posters?” “No.” and they try to comfort Henry by telling him that his posters were the most popular and were sold out and that’s why they didn’t have any. Also, because a shipment of Geng’s posters had just arrived and that’s why there was posters of Hangeng.
~Donghae is lonely. Because he has no girlfriend. And thus he is the one they voted as most needing to be cared for. And apparently Ryeowook cooks for him a lot.
~Then they talk about how Ryeowook often acts cute to get what he wants. And because he’s not actually the youngest, he often “hates” Henry. XD And so he has to show how he uses his cuteness to get the other members to wash his socks for him.
~They ask who would be most likely to refuse Ryeowook after Siwon just takes the socks and says yes and Ryeowook grabs Kyuhyun. Very harsh rejection there, Kyuhyun. XD Times 2. The final person Ryeowook tries to get to wash his socks is Hangeng. And Geng tells him to “speak in Chinese” because he had just been motioning. ((And Henwook moment Henry whispered to Ryeowook how to say wash my socks please XD))
~So they have the martial arts and magic performances.
~Siwon has the swallowing sword one. and Donghae is like DDD: when Siwon starts swallowing the sword and then Henry is like DDD: my foot cuz Donghae had dropped his hammer on Henry’s feet. Then Donghae runs into Siwon and shows that the sword was collapsible. BUSTED.
~Henry with his darts. LOL at his fail at getting the blindfold out of his sleeve.
~Donghae is doing martial arts “Qi Gong” where you can lie on nails and not get hurt. Then Siwon starts coming with the hammer and Henry keeps going STOP and finally Siwon gets pissed and pushes Henry. XD And nothing happened.
~Magic tricks time. Pretty self explainatory. Ryeowook throws cards everywhere and then grabs the cards out of Kyuhyun’s pocket. Kyuhyun throws the cards everywhere and gets them to come back into his hand. Ryeowook pretends to do a lifting trick but it turns out Kyuhyun is holding a cardboard cutout of his profile. Hankyung and Mi do various tricks, then Mi makes Geng disappear >:D
~They talk about their favorite performances. He Jiong liked Mi’s disappearing one.
~They talk about how the nail board actually wasn’t dangerous because of how many nails there were. Even though seperately they could pierce through things seperately if there’s so many of them and it’s on someone’s back it actually won’t hurt that person. Hai Tao demonstrates and they all dogpile on him.
~Donghae does the Super Girl dance and He Jiong says that Geng can do it in a more open relaxed kinda way. Geng’s dance actually looks really really overdone. XD
~So they get Donghae to show off his skills with the soccer ball.
~Siwon said he would sing a Chinese song, but only one line. And then they start haggling over how many lines he should sing. It turns out he’s singing “Beijing Welcomes You” and the reason why he only wants to sing one line is because he only knows one line. XD
~And then Ryeowook does a really cute dance. He asks for music but accidentally said “Sing for me” XD He grabs Henry’s hand and made me squee and then goes to the other side to Nana and starts dancing with her and they ask him why he dragged Henry out if he was just going to ditch him. Ryeowook said he could go play back there himself. And they talk about how he really does hate Henry because he’s younger.
~So they play musical chairs, and Mi is the first one to be disqualified. They laugh because that’s exactly what happened during rehersals. And I LOLed because the first song was Lollipop >:D ((Henry and Ryeowook being cute on the chairs in the back made me <333)) style="font-size:130%;">Siwon’s a meanie. They later speculate that he wasn’t trying to be mean to Henry he was just trying to get the seat away from whoever wanted it. Ryeowook is the last to be disqualified and Siwon had actually spun him around in a full circle before dropping Ryeowook. XD
~What happens is that whoever is disqualified has to confess something they’ve done wrong to a member.
~Zhoumi’s was that when Geng asked if his legs are long, Zhoumi said yes, and he felt bad because he lied. “The longest legs in SJM… belong to me.” ((FABULOUS POSE HERE.))
So fabulous.
And so Hangeng picks up Zhoumi and Siwon starts spanking him. Zhoumi’s punishment is to drink cola from the same bottle as Hangeng. Basically what Sungmin and Kangin did in Intimate Note. They blame Zhoumi for laughing and causing cola to go onto Geng’s hand, but I rewatched it several times and my verdict is… Geng himself laughed and caused the cola to go over his hand. Because Mi’s mouth wasn’t on the straw when it overfilled. XD
~Ryeowook confesses that he broke Kyuhyun’s keyboard so Kyuhyun wasn’t able to play Starcraft. When asked if he knew about it, Kyuhyun replies ominously… “We’ll settle this when we get back to the dorms”. Siwon picks up Ryeowook and Kyuhyun starts spanking him. And so the punishment is to reenact a dance scene with Xia Na and her boyfriend Zhang Jie. And then Kyuhyun goes “I forgive you” and Ryeowook’s like “I won’t dare anymore sorry” and then Kyuhyun’s like “I DON’T FORGIVE YOU” and drops him and spanks him.
~Henry mentions that his has to do with Hangeng too and Siwon picks him up and spanks him. And Henry seriously looks like he’s in pain… Anyway he tells Geng that he sometimes would sneak into his room and steal his underwear and wear it. Hangeng picks him up and he and Siwon spank Henry and then Henry, being cheeky, tells Geng that the pair he’s wearing now is the one that Henry stole from his room and wore. Geng goes after Henry with a chair. Geng then calls Henry a “thief”, which then progresses into “underwear thief” and then shortened to “inner thief” [literally].. Henry’s punishment is to feed Hangeng pieces of sushi. With as much wasabi as he wants. Uhm. Needless to say he stuck a ton on Hangeng’s because seriously, he just got spanked twice.
That’s a lot of wasabi =OO (Henry ends up eating that one, supposedly)
Geng starts crying because he can’t stand the wasabi and then Henry actually eats the one with the most wasabi. (After Geng teases him with it for half a minute) Henry got spanked again. AGAIN. XD Instead of saying “Gege thank you for feeding me this nice piece of cake, Henry says “Thank you for letting me wear your underwear” which got him spanked again. XD ((Lots of Henry abuse in this ep XD))
~They sing Blue Tomorrow.

Part 3:

which actually isn’t THAT funny… =/
~They come back and introduce Kim Jimin, a CF actress who was in BOF. ((Minho’s eyebrows rival Siwon’s =O)) She talks about how she’s in 11th grade or something… yeah. Then they decide to have this competition with the two other girl hosts.
~Kim Jimin sings this song… that I don’t know what it’s called.
~Wu Xing does an interesting dance ((I really like her she’s surprisingly extroverted. I thought she was really shy XDD)) Wu Xing talks about how she almost dislocated her elbow from practicing.
~Xie Na basically does this really amusing monologue about how she came from this village that didn’t have anything and how her villagers managed to scrape enough money together for her train ticket… then flew over on planes to support her. At first I thought she was going to do Crazy but then she does Sorry Sorry. >:D
~Then the three girls do advertisements for pantyhose.
~Wu Xing does this really hilarious seductive one. And she’s like “not only attractive” “little chubby legs pantyhose” because they always make fun of her for her chubby legs. ((WTF her legs are FINE =.=;;))
~Kim Jimin uses hers to hook Siwon over by the neck. Er….. yeah.
~Nana talks about the different uses. Number 1 is to use it as a leash for dogs. Number 2 is to keep herself away from hot boys because she knows that “it’s a trap”.
~So now they have to act out scenes from a drama.
~Kim Jimin choose He Jiong, to his surprise. Instead of saying whatever he’s supposed to say when she says “What I can’t hear you?” he screams “ARE YOU DEAF TOO?” because the girl she’s playing is supposed to be blind. And LOL at Ryeowook’s hearts and Geng bribing He Jiong.
~Wei Jia asks Wu Xing to choose Geng because he would only bribe the guy she chose anyway. So she chooses Geng. And then they talk about how last time they did that Wu Xing got bashed by the other guy’s fans. And then they were like “It’s just for show” so they get the “action” one. The beginning was actually pretty good but then they messed up because Geng was supposed to hang onto Wu Xing but he keeps letting go and she keeps telling him to hold onto her and they chase each other around in circles and it’s really funny because Geng is doing the Super Girl dance. ((That was a lot of ands)) They were saying how it looked like Geng was riding a horse XD
~So Nana goes through and gives every SJM member an adjective. Kyuhyun is harsh. Ryeowook is cute. Zhoumi is long legs. Donghae is “Shoulder pads”. Henry is “Underwear thief”. Siwon is “Abusive, Killer, abusive husband/father” and Hangeng is a disease where you’re really small for your age. I don’t get it, but maybe it’s an inside joke because the Happy family and Zhoumi and Geng all know each other. So Nana chooses Siwon and he keeps telling her how heavy she is.
~It’s time to vote for their favorite girl. So Kim Jimin comes out and is like “I’m your fan please support me” and Henry goes out because he thinks that he’s supposed to. Which gets him spanked. Again. Wu Xing says random stuff and she’s like “if you choose me I’ll be your super girl”. Nana is like “I’m your international fan. If you don’t choose me I’ll die.” and they’re all saying how none of them would care if she died. ((jokes of course)).
~Right when the votes are about to start Nana asks if she can leave the competition and they say no. Kyuhyun votes for Kim Jimin. Ryeowook goes up to Nana and says you aren’t good and goes to Wu Xing and says “You too” and gives it to Kim Jimin. Zhoumi gives his to Nana and gives her the nickname Ladies Nana. Donghae votes for Kim Jimin ((No surprise there she’s his “ideal girl” XD)) Henry chooses by sniffing each girl. XDDD He finally gives his to Wu Xing. Siwon chooses Nana because she was his partner. Hangeng teases Nana and is like “your villagers are waiting for you” and she elbows him. Geng seems to give the flower to Wu Xing but then takes it back, going you only have one, how pitiful, then gives it to her again.
~So the winner is… Kim Jimin.
~SJM sings Me.

Wow that was long. Done in about 45 minutes so it may seem cracky. That and the fact that I’ve been chomping on apricots and am really sleep deprived. So yeah. Random comments FTW :D

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