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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Choi Si Won - Self taken pic,CCTV,OPPO CF,SM Entertainment Global Audition, Happy Camp

Self taken picture Siwon and Heechul Oct, 2009
Siwon face ... ^^ one statement to describe : extremely handsome !!!!

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2009 SM Entertainment Global Audition

Happy Camp and Tian Tian Xiang Shang

《Tian Tian Xiang shang》and 《Happy Camp》 are HuNan’s variety show big kings. Although both programmes have been fighting for higher viewerships, they rarely go head-to-head because both shows usually have different guests. But on 16th and 17th, these two programmes will clash with both having the hottest group-SJ-M as their guests. With the same guests, how would the two programmes differentiate themselves? Readers can judge for themselves this later this week.

《Tian Tian Xiang Shang》Han Geng talking about marriage date. Broadcast time: 16th, 19:35

SJ-M had a very suave opening to start the show but because the floor was slippery, Han Geng at the beginning, slipped. Although a bit awkward and embarrassed, he laughed it off and caused the fans below to scream continuously. Han geng as a top idol, his marriage has always been a hot topic close to his fans’ hearts. To fulfil his fans’ wishes, Wang Han asked Han Geng if he has a girlfriend. Han Geng replied him that right now he doesn’t have one and his girlfriend is his fans. But the Tian Tian brothers won’t let him off so easily and they persisted, Han Geng smiled as he said, “Speaking now when (I don’t) have a girlfriend, (I) hope to get married after 5 years”

Group mate, Zhou Mi, because of his hectic flight schedule, his body wasn’t feeling too good. While he was singing, his voice cracked. Zhou Mi was very apologetic, but the fans below clapped earnestly and then shouted “Jiayou!”*loudly. Zhou Mi was extremely touched by the encouragements. But at one corner, Kyu Hyun didn’t give (Zhou Mi) face**, at first he bend his head and sniggered. But at the end, he even turned behind to laugh. But finally, he hugged Zhou Mi to get rid of the awkwardness.

《Happy Camp》 Dong hae’s chest used to break a big rock. Broadcast time: 17th, 19:35

Through 《Tian Tian Xiang Shang》 the audience although have Han Geng’s marriage message would be satisfied. Don’t worry, in 《Happy Camp》 SJ-M should have a few likewise***. But what was not expected was that the programme had a segment where they performed magic tricks.

Dong Hae, Si Won and Henry, the three of them shed their pretty boy images and performed high-level, dangerous trick. For example, Si Won’s flying darts, Henry’s sword performance and Dong Hae’s performance of using his chest to break a large rock can be considered as “Powerful and Bold”, Han Geng, who knew that Dong Hae was about to lie on a nail board to break the large rock, was very worried about his member’s safety. It was only after he had personally lay on the nail board then he allowed Dong hae to lay down. With leader’s Han Geng support, Dong Hae with a deep breath, said in a loud voice to the ones carrying the large rock, Si Won and Henry, and shouted, “Come on!” causing everyone to laugh.

During the magic performance, Zhou Mi, Han Geng, Ryeo Wook and Kyu Hyun did not concede defeat and performed Poker magic(card tricks), unexpectedly, even the most challenging human body trick could not fazed SJ-M. At the recording, it sparked off a magic tricks craze.
【Editor:Xiang Wen Chong】

**Give face means something like not embarrassing the person any further.
***The article wrote-:”若干的处女秀” which means “an uncertain no. of virgins”.I hesitate to use it, so I replace it with likewise. If anyone has an opinion about it, let me know. Thanks

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  2. 若干means a few, 处女秀 means first time on a stage/ first time performing