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Friday, October 30, 2009

Choi Si Won - SJM on Top Chinese Music

Super Junior-M on Top Chinese Music (Interview + alphabet game)
MC: When you were in Korea doing intensive training, did anything amusing happen, or did you encounter any difficulties and how did you overcome them?
Han Geng: Actually, when I first came to Korea until-- this period of time was necessary. It was a very hard time.
MC: How long did you train for?
Geng: I trained for 2.5 years, close to 3. But I think I've gained a lot from those 3 years. It's also a road that we must all travel. Actually they were all been very good and helpful for my future, and was a good experience.
MC: Siwon, when you were training, what did you think was the most difficult and challenging part?
Geng: He says there wasn't anything that was especially hard-to-bear, but when preparing for this new album, he wanted to perform better and let everyone enjoy it more. Also, pronunciation was pretty difficult.
MC: Pronunciation was hard?
Geng: Yes. During the training period, before we were preparing for this mini-album, his Chinese pronunciation required a lot of hard work. He would practice learning Chinese everyday.
MC: Right now your Chinese has improved a lot, including things in the lyrics, you're able to fully read and sing them all, right?
Siwon: Correct.
MC: Correct. You can do it already?
Siwon: Correct.
MC: (laughs) What about the other members? Henry, you probably didn't have to face this kind of problem before, right?
Henry: When I first came to Korea, I was all alone. My family lives in Canada, my family members are all in Canada, so I came to Korea by myself. And then, I couldn't even speak Korean.
MC: You know a little bit of Chinese, and then English, but you really didn't know any Korean at all?
Henry: Except for a little bit, I really didn't know Korean. When I first went there, I didn't even know how to order food. The first thing I learned was 'Give me a something-something soup'. So besides that soup, I didn't know how to say anything else at all.
MC: How do you say that phrase, do you still remember?
Henry: Samgyetang juseyo. And so for two whole months, I kept eating samgyetang. (ngl, I couldn't tell what he was saying at first. Henry!korean=Geng!korean :\)
Geng: It's ginseng chicken soup.
MC: Ginseng chicken soup?
Geng: Ginseng chicken soup. He ate it for 2 months. That's why his skin is so white.
MC: Well then, as for you, you probably knew a bit more, right?
Geng: When I was first there, I only knew how to say- there's this stew called budae jjigae. That's called budui tang. There's pork, tofu, and instant noodles inside, to make a soup. I ate that for about a month.
MC: You ate it for that long of a time period too?
Geng: Yes, when I first went to Korea, I would just order that soup and ate it for about a month. For the second month, I learned a new one, donkkaseu
Henry: Me too! The same one.
Geng: The Japanese-styled steak (tonkatsu), with sauce and rice. I ate that for another month.
[[In another interview, Zhou Mi said that when he first came, he only knew how to say gimchi jjigae/kimchi stew so he ate that for a month too. When I think about things like really is lucky that the other boys have Geng and Mi to take care of them and take them to good places to eat! ;w; Like Han Mama's dumpling shop, loool]]

MC: When they were talking about language, there really were a lot of unusual situations that popped up. Zhou Mi, during that time, did anything funny happen?
Mi: It really is laughable.. Because Korean is categorized into respectful speech and casual speech, with peers around your age, you're supposed to use casual. Towards noona or uncles, for regular chatting you're supposed to say "annyunghaseyo", you add a "yo". But for seniors, like grandfather or grandmother, you're supposed to say anny- Wait, how do you say it? (laugh) I forgot it.. (ASLKFJSADL ZHOU MI CUTE, GAHHH)
Geng: Annyunghashimnikka.
Mi: Annyunghashimnikka. So you would add a really high level-
Geng: Respect
Mi: Respecful language. Because when we were learning Korean, we all start out with formal speech, so we don't really know how to talk to same age or slightly younger people. I completely used formal language, and it really scared people. So towards dongsaeng, you're supposed to say pap mogoseo, which is "Have you eaten yet?", but we'd say pap moganikka, and then scare the little kid like "What's wrong with this hyung?" (laugh)
Henry: I remember, didn't you, towards those fellow training members younger than you by about 5 years, go --- (sorry, I couldn't hear that part ;A;)
Mi: Yes, I'd use formal language with them because at that time I hadn't learned casual language yet.
Geng: At that time, when he greeted someone, he'd do a 90 degree bow.
Mi: My head would always hurt because everywhere I went, I'd have to (90 degree bow)!
MC: Because you were afraid of offending someone, so you'd do it to everyone.
Mi: Well actually this is a kind of courtesy.
MC: But later, after seeing those older* (I think he meant younger) than you by about 5-6, your waist would be a lot straight right?
Mi: I would..just nod my head a little.
MC: (laugh) Just signaling it a little would be good.
[Neorago cut]

MC: Let's ask SJ-M to tell us where in Korea would be the best place to have fun at? Let's ask each Korean member to recommend a place.
Ryeowook: Jejudo.
Geng: Jizhou dao.
MC: Jizhou dao. Why this place?
Ryeowook: Clean.
MC: It's very clean.
Ryeowook: Yes, very clean. And...very pretty.

Part 2:

Geng: He says wants to learn Chinese. For example, if you don't understand something you have to ask. (Yeah, it seems like it's coming out out of nowhere to me too)

MC: Who can do, who is best at aegyo (acting cutesy)?
Kyu: (point) Henry.
Mi: I say Henry.
MC: What did you do? Confess to me.
Henry: I, I didn't do anything...~
Geng: Aren't you doing it right now?
Siwon: Actually, originally, he doesn't even know himself.
Geng: He means to say that Henry doesn't know he's doing it himself.
Geng: Just like...when he's trying to borrow something. When he wants to borrow something, he doesn't do it like other people and go, "Gege, can you let me borrow this?". He doesn't say it. He'll just take the object and then smile at you. (laughs) He'll just keep smiling at you. You have no idea what he's doing, you just watch him and he's smiling at you. After about a minute or so, he'll take it away. He'll smile at you, and then take it away. Like that. (HENRY, IS THAT HOW YOU TOOK THEIR UNDERWEAR AWAY TOO? And that laugh sfx in the background is creepy..)
MC: Then show us that expression again.
Geng: Go get his CD.
MC: His smile made me so nervous/flustered, did you guys get that feeling too?
Geng: Definitely, so nervous you just end up saying "Just take it and go"
Mi: No, after a while, you just lose all feeling. When he wants to borrow something and is holding it in front of you, we just go "mm". We won't say anything either, just (motions) "take it then".

MC: That is to say, who takes the longest to dress-up/get ready? Who likes to show off their looks the most?
Geng (interrupts): That'd be Zhou Mi.
Henry (interrupts): Zhou Mi, Zhou Mi.
MC: Before, the answer was Zhou Mi. Is the answer still Zhou Mi?
Geng: I think even after 10 years, the answer will still be Zhou Mi. (8'DDDDD)
Mi: Keep holding onto this title and will never let go.
MC: How long exactly does it take for you to get prepared?
Mi: I actually think it's considered not very long...
Geng: 2 hours.
Mi: Really don't need to. I probably only take 5-10 minutes longer than them.
Henry: Heeeey (point)
Geng: Impossible. (LOL at Kyu just shaking his head the entire time~)
Mi: I just take the clothes- Because I would put out the clothes-
Geng: 3 hours.
Mi: -and then choose what I want to wear.
Geng: But you're not including the time it takes for you to choose your makeup.
Mi: D-doesn't that count as the time for washing your face? :^D

The rest is just thanking them for coming and then promotions/singing Blue Tomorrow.

Super Junior-M @ New Entertainment.Entertainment Variety Class
(Alphabet game part only since the rest is unsubbed; no translations available)

Super Junior-M tops Chinese music charts
Korean idol group Super Junior-M has topped China's biggest television and radio music charts, according to their agency on Thursday.

The group's latest single "Super Girl", released in China in September, ranked No. 1 on China's biggest television music chart and "China TOP Music Chart" released by China's radio station Music Radio, SM Entertainment said in a press release.

The two charts, the most prestigious music charts in China, combine weekly album sales, internet votes and mobile text votes from all across the country.
The boy band's first mini-album also topped an album sales chart in Taiwan upon its release.

Super Junior-M consists of Super Junior members Han Geng (the leader), Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, and two non-Super Junior members, Henry and Zhou Mi. They debuted with the first album Me in April 2008 and their activities are focused on the Chinese market.

Reporter : Lynn Kim
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