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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Choi Si Won - message Oct 9,2009 SuJu official site

How come i will stop love Siwon n pray for him, just after read his message to SuJu Official site, i just get more support SIwon and pray for Him.. be God wants u to be, fulfil His will, always in His plans, always do your part, to keep live in His Word,live in HIS presence -so God can do HIS rest-,... all the best from heaven.. JBU Siwon


2009-10-09 오후 7:50:00

Everyone how well were you these days?? I am well so with support of u guys ^^

How did u spend the festive day (national day)? Good thing too, I seemed like spending time well
with families^^
(Ah! With support of u guys (I) ate with good appetite ^0^ thank u thank u

These days if it’s true it’s cool, you can’t be getting more colder , please wear warm dress!


Continuously give love to Sorry Sorry and Super girl too , and thank you so much for ur interest :)
Perhaps if without you guys’ love, it would come out hard

I will always pray you guys each individual be filled up with the Lord’s grace and blessing :)

Lots lots love, we love each other a lot! Blessing you all:)*

he wrote it in Korean but with English spelling (LOL so cute)
*in English

translated by superlover♫
thank u for sharing this : venus
maybe taken out with full credit


This comment was taken from


Anytime, anywhere, Super Junior's Choi Siwon is one proud Christian. He doesn't fail to pray and worship God all the time and is perfectly loyal in keeping his faith, continuously unfazed by the ugly world that is showbusiness. Considering the work of Super Junior spans Asia-wide, it is unavoidable that they will have to meet fellow artists and colleagues. Apparently, when making friends with Chinese stars, Siwon still sticks with fellow Christians. Seems like he's a fellow Soul Brother to F4/JVKV's Vanness Wu whose current drama Next Stop, Happiness is a surprise hit. And what else bonds them? Of course, their faith. Vanness Wu claimed that after he is performing celibacy after becoming full Christian some months ago and plans to hold "it" off until after marriage. I wonder if Shiwon intends to do the same

Siwon also sent flowers to another Soul Bro, Jason Ma (common friend by Siwon and Vanness) during his performance at FRESH, which I think is a Christian music festival. Of course Siwon had to add "The Lord is With You" on the sash. Good boy.


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