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Friday, September 25, 2009

My time in China and HongKong

Sooo happy .. visited China and HongKong.. i went there on 14-22 Sept 2009 ^^
(important note : i will post in this article the photos i've taken as soon as i scan it, ok )

First day, i got lunch in ShenZhen.. i was so excited seeing a pepsi bottle front of me with Super Junior M, and of course Siwon, as it's bottle cover ^^. you can imagine, i screamed!!! lol.. but only in heart, because at that time, i immediately arranged strategy to take that cover from the bottle... lol.. can u imagine, how strange it is ^^ :p
And u know what, when i take it out from the bottle silently, the pretty staff of restaurant even stared at me lol ^^ and made me feel like a freak girl ^^ but just a little moment, i just kept on my mission ^^ lol
took one, took another... ^^ i got 4 bottle cover (pepsi) that time.. i ignored those girls who r talking each other whisperly while stared on me ^^

While on trip to Beijing, i took time talking with my local guide and asked abt if she know abt Super Junior M... Unfortunately, she doesnt know them :( how come it can be...
My conclusion is... not all people in China know abt Super Junior M. Only people who love music and keep update about it ^^
And this is our job, if you are an ELF,... ^^.. to make Super Junior more known worldwide ^^

I said to my local guide, 'cie cie, their music is so fresh, you have to try to listen their song, it's easylistening but can not boring u ^^ '

After days, i came to shopping place in Beijing, uff sorry i forget it's name, just notice there are many famous outlets like Armani, Mango, and etc..

The excited moment was when i seek for magazine store around this building. Just for haunt news abt Siwon ^^... Finally i and my friends found it..
Funny thing is when i asked the man whose kiosk, with help from my friend who can speak Mandarin, the man even play his hand as if Super Junior introduces themselves 'uri Super Juni-or' (we are Super Junior).. ^^
and i said 'yeah, that's group'
i was very happy that time...thought he knows abt my Super Junior ^^
i bought 2 magazines in chinese languages (Mandarin), though i can not Mandarin at all lol ^^ just because there was Super Junior's photos in it.
But my happiness is not long lasting that time ^^ :p
my local guide came, and got involve to our conversation.
After a while (they were talking in language from above ^^ just like watching shaolin movie^^ because i can not understand it at all lol ^^) finally she revealed that man doesnt know abt Super Junior, he thought i'm looking for a juggler.. lol... ^^
maybe there was resemblance in hand motion between Super Junior and a juggler he thought. lol
ok no problem, he said. 'wo bu ce dao, tuebuchi' (i don't know, i'm sorry).. i said 'meiguanxi, wo ce dao da men' ^^ (no problem, i know them ^^) i just know these sentences beside xiexie, ni hao, wo ai ni, dajahao
lol (even my writings is wrong)

After that that man brought to me another 7 magazines with Super Junior in it..
And i bought them all ^^ even i dont understand what r they(magazines) talking abt Super Junior ^^ lol

And then, i and my friend went into the shopping building. I think it was being held a show or something like that, because the sales promotion girls in all floors of the building using same model and same color of shirt.
Once at one outlet, i saw sales promotion girl who were talking with my friends in chinese language using name tag with Siwon picture on it..
I just blurt out " Do you like Siwon? Do you know Siwon? " lol
even i forget that second she was talking seriously with my friends abt price of their product.
'O my gosh' , my friends told me after that, 'you are really his big fans huh ..'
lol because i forgot keep my manner for that seconds.

So pity, not enough time, i couldnt interview her ^^ lol. just need to back to hotel soonly.

Next stop, Shanghai . ^^
I kept searching everything abt Siwon in my tight schedule.
Whoa,, finally found 'Semir' outlet. A China big store that keep update newest fashion for young people. Semir casual wear leads the fashion trends and show young people's energy. Super Junior M is their model.
There are big size poster or Super Junior M. 2 metres x 1 metre Siwon poster at display window .. and some in the outlet.
Check this site

In possible time, i asked my local guide abt the meaning of chinese language written on my new magazines.
After her help, i get more in love to Siwon . ^^
She told me ..
This magazine tells that Siwon is most kind-hearted person between them(Super Junior). His heart and his manner is so nice and so kind. He is good man. He is truly a prince riding white horse.

^^ ahhhh so lovely..

ok, now is HongKong time..
i was keep thinking of Super Junior on Sept 18, because they held SuShow II concert in HongKong. At that date, i was in Beijing.
On 21, i arrived in HongKong, wondering days ago this airport must be crowded because ELFs and Super Junior arriving. sad, i couldnt see them directly...
then i just keep in my heart, someday i will see them ^^

My friend has friends lives in Shenchen and HongKong. In my short time , i tried to get information abt Super Junior from them. This was so relief..
Super Junior and Super Junior M is well known in HongKong ^^, even if someone never notice their song (woman, 34 old at age), but they know there is a famous band from Korea named Super Junior. Young people know Super Junior well.
In ShenZen, young people know Super Junior M well. My friend told me, that he most love with Siwon because his gentleness and his most good looking and gorgeous face. People know Siwon as a very rich man and incredible handsome man.
I heard "Sorry Sorry" in outlets. On Sept 22, i got lunch in airport waiting my depart time to back home, suddenly i heard 'sorry sorry' ringtone played in a loud voice. At that time, i thought it was mine, but the truth is... it was others . ^^

I bought 1 magazine in airport. ^^

Happy to know Super Junior 's so well known..

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  1. ini mukyaaa
    aah si guideny krg gahol ni, msk gtw sujuM
    itu suju = juggler..drmn ny..ckckc ada2 aj mas itu
    top 4 thumbs up deh
    bhasil ngambil tu cover pepsi..
    syg bgt..g bs attend sushow HK
    tp gpp yg ptg bw plg siwon stuff

  2. you went to china?
    that's cool.
    if i were you, i would take the pepsi bottle cover too and just ignore those busybodies :)