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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Choi Si Won's family

Again, about his family ^^... i browsing the internet and found this. Hope this news is correct. I wondering, what if Siwon read this post, ... ^^

If there's something wrong in news, pls u tell me the right one, Siwon. ^^

Big support and cheers for Siwon.


Why Eunhyuk (Super Junior member, Siwon's boyband-mate) want Siwon to be together with his sister, Lee Sora ? Eunhyuk prefer Siwon than Kangin. Here are the answers :

-Since Eunhyuk loves his sister, he wants the best future and hapinnes in her life of course. And Siwon is the most 'complete' man. Siwon has money! Of course bright future! Siwon has good manner, humble, nice guy, kind guy, and gentleman. But Kangin loves drink.

-Since Eunhyuk is a christian and he is good one too. Siwon is the same person like him. *even better ^^ *

- About Siwon's family. There is No doubt!.. Siwon is the only son of the Owner of Hyundai Department Store, one from three biggest Supermarket in South Korea (besides Lotte Department Store dan Shinsegae ) . We can say, Siwon is real Goo joon Pyo of Boys Before Flowers. In South Korea, Siwon's father has 12 branches which has sales up to $340 million !!!!

And still, has a plan to make expansion next year. Open 6 new branches.

During Super Show 2 event in Seoul couple months ago, there were 7 from 10 congratulatory stand flowers to Siwon that came from CEOs of big company... ^^ like Siwon is the one of director, In fact, Siwon's father controls the company. At the early years in Siwon's career as an artist, his father didnt allow Siwon join his artist agency . But time goes by, and even his father and his mother watched Siwon in show with crowd fans. Just to saw their only son. It's not surprised, at the end of show, Siwon cried because he sweep out of this.


Do you plan to visit South Korea? Know it more here

Hyundai Department Store

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hyundai Department Store (Korean: 현대백화점 주식회사, Hanja: 現代百貨店株式會社), together with Lotte Department Store and Shinsegae, is one of the three major department store chains in South Korea. It has 11 locations and more than $340 million in annual sales.

Its parent company is the Hyundai Department Store Group.


Located in Seoul

* Apgujeong Main Store (압구정 본점) in Gangnam-gu, Seoul
* World Trade Center Store (무역센터점) in Gangnam-gu, Seoul
* Cheonho Store (천호점) in Gangdong-gu, Seoul
* Sinchon Store Main Building & U-PLEX (신촌점 본관, 유플렉스) in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
* Mia Store (미아점) in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul
* Mokdong Store (목동점) in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul

Located Elsewhere

* Jungdong Store (중동점) in Wonmi-gu, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do
* Ulsan Store (울산점) in Nam-gu, Ulsan
* Ulsan Dong-gu Store (울산동구점) in Dong-gu, Ulsan
* Busan Store (부산점) in Dong-gu, Busan
* Gwangju Store (광주점) in Buk-gu, Gwangju

Planned Stores

* Ilsan Kintex Store in Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang, Gyeonggi-do (scheduled for 2009)
* Cheongju Store in Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do (scheduled for 2010)
* Asan Store in Asan, Chungcheongnam-do (scheduled for 2010)
* Yangjae Store in Seocho-gu, Seoul (scheduled for 2010)
* Daegu Store in Jung-gu, Daegu (scheduled for 2010)
* Gwanggyo Store in Yeongtong-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do (scheduled for 2013)
* A shopping mall in Centum City, Haeundae-gu, Busan

source : wikipedia, and others

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  1. HOMG seriously? That's damn amazing! He's so wealthy yet he's so humble and kind. That's why I love Siwonnie-ah <333

  2. ya, you're right, when i started love him, i dunno his wealthy, so when i knew abt this, i got shocked ^^.... very shocked and got faint ^^
    i love Siwon because his character and his faithful to JC

  3. where did you know this?? i`m really shock!
    all i know is that they have the biggest department store in korea but i didn`t know that they own the hyundai department store ~
    OMG ♥

  4. @simba13, all i know is Siwon is real 'goo jon pyo' of BBF in real life ^^ , yet he has modesty along within him

  5. When I first saw Siwon, I was stunned. He's handsome, sweet, and certainly has a dimple. I do like the guys who have dimples (because he is very sweet!). And I immediately loved him! Because I think, he seems nice, friendly, and funny. But, after looking for info about Siwon, I was shocked! Apparently he was very rich (a son of the owner of the Hyundai Department Store!) All I know as an actor and singer is indeed rich (but still reasonable as an actor) But it's not wealth that made me fall in love with Siwon, but his personal appearance (friendly, etc. .. I know it is a day-to-day personality.) I pray that he and his family remain blessed by God and God give the best for Siwon. Amen.

  6. I 've just seen him , oh how late i am.
    I fell in love in his charisma immediately.
    He is so kind and humble . He is real super idol.
    Love to see you always

  7. I think Wikipedia edited the info about siwon being sole heir of Hyundai department store..Because when i check it's no there anymore. :(

  8. i guess you re right. i've just visited wikipedia, and no more abt this anymore .:(
    i will search abt this, and try to give the very update info abt his facts. truly, i dont want to post a not-true facts abt him.
    thanks for your kind to recheck on wikipedia site.

  9. BUT, IF he is NOT a rich man, and DOESNT HAVE relate with big company , why he had got 7 congratulatory standing flowers (there were 10 congratulatory flowers for super junior. SIwon got 7 from 10 ), and all 7 flowers were from CEOs of big companies while performed in Super Show II (2009) last months.

  10. at last, i relief now, members in Super Junior M and Patty (host of entertaiment variety show in Taiwan)acknowledge Siwon as a very rich man in that interview. And even Siwon didnt give argue neither denied it. the rest of members nod his head , agreed with host's statement, that Siwon Choi is super rich ^^ --because the article above^^pls scroll this page up to know more--

  11. siwon is really a perfect one..
    i hope siwon can find the girl of his life..
    and i hope that girl spent his own life with siwon...
    i still love you even th girl in your heart is not me..
    namely as..

  12. crazy super star i never like them also choi siwon.What is so good about him??? Pretty,handsome,but what??? hope many girl dun be so much care about dat or keep dreaming to have him ple.
    U love him but wat??? Ple focus on your school or your job and give all your love more and care about your parents.

  13. hahaha~~ funny reply from siwonlover..(regarding the fact that siwon is super rich) LOL...
    love him so much, bless you siwonlover..
    By the way, are you a Malaysian ? cuz you sound like one..
    hehe~~ good day and God bless..

  14. the nature of humility that makes me mad heart
    hopefully you get the best woman
    god bless you always...

  15. Siwon darLing...
    nikahin gw buruan !!!! <3 xD

  16. OMG! i knew Siwon is rich but not like this..Hyundai store!!!

  17. God Bless u Siwon...

  18. i've watched a show.the question for siwon was "is true that u cn afford n have a helicopter?" the host was like you're damn rich.siwön said "No.we don't have it"but when the host said "u don't have it but cn afford it right?" Siwon just smiled!he didn't deny it!

  19. love this boy very much.

  20. siwon.. I hope you know my heart!because in my heart only you.. I will said to you " choi si won saranghaeyo .. "
    from : alda pciinta k-pop

  21. Do it the best for Jesus Christ and never lift Him.because He is ur Savior.JCLU