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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Choi Si Won in Yesung radio program

It's old but fresh funny situation between Siwon and Yesung.
What can i say.. ... Siwon is so gentle ^^ look how he reacts with Yesung hyung ^^(as MC of radio), well mannered ^^, so warm with his skinship ^^

This video cut is funny, but it also include Yesung and Ryeowook, Siwon's part start from 3:39
it's funny especially when Yesung start to compliment Siwon.

Yesung introduce his guest to radio listeners: with us today is suju member who had the role of the prince in the 'battle of wits' movie. He's still unable to escape the role of the prince..and still thinks he's a prince..We have Choi Si Won.. Welcome!!
Siwon laughing : Hello everyone, this is Choi Si Won (keep laugh)
Yesung : Siwon as i was talking to you before, Super Junior's cover model. Siwon and sculpted good-looks siwon, was what i said
Siwon : today, Yesung compliment me too much..
Yesung : That's doesnt matter, but what do you think?
Siwon : I don't think that at all (with hand gesture), the cover model is Yesung, of course. (touch Yesung)
Yesung : Realy?
Siwon nods.
Yesung : You give it too easily. It's not fun (o.O) Yesung is the cover model. I'm not . you can not be this way. The viewers will say,'how is that even possible'
(Siwon laughs)'Yesung, how can u even think to compare to Siwon?' They will think that
Siwon : No, the viewers will ..
Yesung interrupt : Just say that you're great! I'm begging you (lol)
Siwon laughs loudly
Siwon : i can't. No, i can say confidently that Yesung's the true cover model. You must not judge from just outer appearance. Inner beauty is (with skinship touch Yesung's arm) ...
Yesung interrupt : Are you saying that my outlook appearances are not good? (lol)
Siwon completing his comment : You have both outer and inner beauty and that's why you're the cover model
Funny situation
Siwon skinship touch Yesung's shoulder gently
Yesung : do you know who pretty women would like?
Siwon : i think... (seriously intend to say his opinion)
Yesung interrupt : pretty women like pomegranates (singing) (Siwon laughs loudly)
if you keep getting prettier, what should i do?
Siwon : i really didnt know (using hand gesture).. (intend to say his opinion seriously)
Yesung interrupt : (Siwon laugh ) pretty women like pomegranates
Siwon : I've been told alot that Yesung does the broadcast really well and that it's really fun (intend to compliment Yesung)
Yesung : But didnt you know that even before told you ?
Siwon : I did know .. but my opinions can be wrong (with hand gesture)so, i've been told opinions of other people too and it seems to be true
Yesung : actually when i live in chunan, i was pretty famous,
Siwon laugh
Yesung : honestly, i used to sing a lot and stuff ..(siwon smile)'s embarassing to say myself but..
Siwon : do you want me to say it instead..
Yesung : i won the chunan best appearance contest (siwon smile) what's important is (touch Siwon's shoulder) Siwon lived in chunan as well (siwon nod) Siwon lived in apartment building next to mine. In addition , typhoon from TRAX (a Korea band with rock music genre, Siwon ever been their drummer )also lived in chunan. He lived in the same apartment building as Siwon. Defeating these two! I was more famous.
Siwon laugh loudly..
Siwon : It's true. I went to chunan and Yesung hyung was really popular. You have so many friends...
Yesung interrupt : wait, try to challenge what i'm saying for once..
Siwon laugh : (with hand gesture) no,you know what my personality is like
Yesung : but siwon is a movie actor
Siwon : thank you (he never miss to say 'thank you' modesty)(with hand gesture then skinship, hold Yesung's hand) yesung hyung
Yesung interrupt : a lot of people think, i'm a movie actor too (touch Siwon's hand)
(Siwon listens carefully)
Yesung : If i go to restaurant and stuff, Siwon was there too a number of times (Siwon start laugh) they would say 'we enjoyed the king and the clown'
Siwon laughs loudly

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  1. OMG!! hahaha epic yesung!!! lol he´s awesome... he hardly let siwon talk...bwuahahahahaha! And lol to always being confused with Lee Jun Ki!! aaah Yesungie why is he so awesome??