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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Choi Si Won and 'UFO replies'

Choi Si Won in Super Junior UFO(chinese) replies * i think they are chinese since they use 'gege' not 'oppa' *

ELF: What type of girls does Siwon Gege like?

Siwon: Kind-hearted.
Kibum: Christians can’t tell lies, right?
Siwon: …… Beautiful, sexy ..haha

ELF: Gege, reply me, let me feel blessed too.
Eunhyuk: Reply.
Ryeowook: Reply reply.
Sungmin: Reply reply reply.
Yesung: Reply reply reply reply.

ELF: Congratulations to Kangin for being the most popular in UFO, there is a special prize of $1000, for instructions to collect the prize, please reply.
Kangin: Reply!
Hankyung: You are a Chinese ELF, the one who used the same method to trick me into replying the other time?

ELF: Han Geng Han Xiao Meh, yes, i’m calling you, don’t pretend to not hear, make a sound. [meh is the sound a goat makes]
Hankyung: Meh~~~
Kangin: Chinese ELF? Caught!
Yesung: Have you eaten?
Donghae: Give me iced water, thanks, i’m hungry.

ELF: SJ-T fighting! SJ the top!
Donghae: Who is SJ-T, ELF, please support SJ-M!
Yesung: All of the adorable ELF, please support SJ-H!
Ryeowook: Don’t forget about KRY!
Leeteuk: All of you tired of living? Go back to sleep!
Shindong: Heechul hyung and Hankyung hyung are in the bathroom giving Champagne and Heebum a bubble bath, tears, I haven’t bathed.

ELF: I love you! Kim Jaejoong!!!
Hankyung: How do you know that i’m currently on the phone with Jaejoong?! Amazing! Jaejoong, it’s yours……
Donghae: Wo Ai Ni! Xiang La Xiao Long Xia! [literally translated as 'fragrant spicy little lobster']
Heechul: Lee Donghae, don’t embarrass yourself together with your Hankyung hyung……
Hankyung: Heechul…… you’re biased!
Leeteuk: Low key low key! [as in, to keep a low profile]

ELF: Heechul Gege and Hankyung Gege, get married!
Yesung: I do!
Heechul: With who? Hankyung? Don’t know him very well.
Hankyung: Irresponsible fella, don’t have to take responsibility after eating? [eating here is a pun, R-21 references]
Siwon: Hyung, please help me stop my nose from bleeding.
Hankyung: What were you thinking, I was talking about eating my Beijing Fried Rice!
Leeteuk: Kids…… Keep it low key [as in, to keep a low profile]

ELF: One who only reads the messages and not reply are fools. [endearing term]
Donghae: Referring to you, the one below.
Kyuhyun: Referring to you, the one below.
Ryeowook: Referring to you, the one below.
Kibum: ……
Eunhyuk: Now, can’t dive either? [to dive means to hide]
Hankyung: You cannot see me, you cannot see me……
Siwon: To prove that I’m not a fool……
Leeteuk: All of you are really free nowadays, is it?

ELF: Is Heechul Gege playing games again? [refering to computer games]
Kangin: Zai nan zai nan! [zai nan is a term to refer to guys who do not go out, but stay home to play games]
Donghae: You are the zai nan, you and Leeteuk and your whole house are all zai nan.
Heechul: Donghae! Good job!

ELF: Hankyung Gege, your body is really good, let us take a look while you are bathing.
Heechul: Hankyung, remember to collect money.
Leeteuk: Good idea, I’ll pay here.
Hankyung:To go out to collect money while bathing, isn’t that crazy.

ELF: Geges(s) have to be together forever.
Leeteuk: Together with every ELF forever, love all of you.
Kyuhyun: Hyung, that was really greasy.
Shindong: Nods.
Yesung: Digs nose……

ELF: Gege(s) usually read fanfictions about who?
Shindong: about KangTeuk child-bearing, Eunhyuk’s recommendation.
Leeteuk: ……
Donghae: Xi Jing, Hankyung hyung’s recommendation. [Xi Jing = Hee Jing? Hee for Heechul, Jing for Beijing? Please verify! Haha.]
Hankyung: ……

taken from : omonatheydidnt

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