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Friday, August 14, 2009

Young Choi Siwon-3rd post

This is my 3rd posting about Young Choi Si Won ^^
He is very nice and good looking ... born to be a star ^^ ... i think Siwon is good boy since he's young. Attend the church meeting with desire to God and have good family that have teached him a lot about life and about how to life in right way. How to believe in God. And how to be a man.
Always support him with your pray, that Siwon will be true and real idol.
--Please anticipate for 4th posting about young Choi Si Won . ^^
By the way, hope you write your comment about his picture by clicking "Post Comment" below of this article. I want to know what are you thinking about him. And what's your comment after see his old pictures here ^^.

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  1. Haha I know thiscomment is a little late but haha I agree with u to the max!! Shiwonnie has always been cute and sweet. And I know he will become a true idol oneday. I'm so glad there is someone like u supporting him so wholeheartedly!! Shiwonnie all the way!! <3

  2. thank u ^^ i love all of Siwon's expressions ^^

  3. shiwonnie!!i luv how he treats his hyungs and dongsaengs..i like the young shiwon..he's sooo cute and very cute(haha..) i still like him now,with his more matured appearance,but i miss the cute shiwon..*what i'm trying to say??aisy* LOVE choi si won!!!always wanted to know bout his it true that he comes from a wealthy family??

  4. yep is true, he's come from wealthy family. you can read it in this page, just choose siwon-family in 'labels' box above

  5. Cute and nice and nice and cute....~

    Oh I can't describe in words about my love for him.

    Thx! :)


  6. So handsome...

    I really love his expression in the last photo...

    Ah, so cute!!!

    God bless...

  7. i thought it's kinda impossible to have good look and good attitude in one package, but Siwon has proved there is something like it :)
    i usually don't like the most handsome member in a group, but with Siwon, it's an exception due to his characteristic gesture and well manner.