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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Super Junior on Twitter

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This update will be special for all of you E.L.F out there! For those of you who don’t have any idea what E.L.F is, well I’ll try to make a short introduction. E.L.F stands for Ever-Lasting Friends. It’s a name for a group of Super Junior’s fans. What is Super Junior? Oh, no. Here they are:

Super Junior is one of South Korean boy bands who has 13 members. Yes, you don’t miss-read. It’s 13 (thirteen) members for sure. Actually they were debuted in 2005 with 12 members, but around 2006 Super Junior’s management which is SM Entertainment added a new member so that it summed up to 13 members. Larger than a football team, right?! ^^

Okay, enough with the introduction. If you want to know more, just click here for Super Junior’s wikipedia page or you can just simply Google it.

Well now, what I want you (especially E.L.F) to know the most is.. me and my friends are currently doing a project for our beloved Super Junior. You know Twitter, right? SURE! Who doesn’t know Twitter now anyway.. ^^ Because Twitter is so popular nowadays, we think that we can help to spread Super Junior’s love all over the world by using Twitter and its application(s). These are three things that you can do (I’ll add up later if I come up to a new idea):


Every time you tweet or talk about Super Junior on your tweet(s), don’t forget to put in #SuperJunior or #superjunior or #SUPERJUNIOR.

The word “super” and “junior” must not be separated with space or dash. Okay? Easy, right? By doing this, we hope that we can make SuperJunior as a trending topic on Twitter. Imagine that zillion of people would be curious what is this SuperJunior thingy that can make it as one of a trending topic. Then after that, they’ll start Googling and they might end up falling in love with SuperJunior’s songs or performances or personalities, etc. just like us.


Put this Twibbon on your Twitter avatar.

For those of you who don’t know what Twibbon is, click here. It’s simply a site that can help us to promote a cause. Many people have been using this since I found out that Twibbon promote over 9,000 causes. So, it’s a trusted site. Then how to put it on? It’s EASY! Go to this page: Just follow the instructions on that page. It’s certainly so easy. If you succeed, you’ll get exactly just like these people got.


Help us to promote these two actions above. Tell your friends, sisters, brothers, siblings, cousins, families, colleagues, partners, people you meet on the street; practically WHOEVER. Okay? It’s easy!!

Well then, you might end up questioning:

Are these actions only for Twitter user(s)?

As for now, YES it is. Sorry. So, if you still want to do those things above, signing up for a Twitter account is not difficult. You just have to go here, fill in all the empty blanks, create an account, and start tweeting; most important, start spreading “#SuperJunioror #superjunior or #SUPERJUNIOR” all over the world! After all, Twitter is a fun site. Twitter will bring you to meet new and old friends and also E.L.F from all over the world.

Is this all FREE?

SURE, it is. All you need is just internet connection.

Is this action limited for E.L.F?

NO, it is not. Everybody who loves Super Junior as well and wants to support them, can do these actions.

Are these some kind of raising fund activities?

NO. Don’t worry! You won’t be asked to donate money. You will only be asked for some love. ^^ Sure it means love for Super Junior.


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