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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Siwon and family

Siwon is the only son of the owner of second biggest retail
(supermarket) chain in Korea. From internet found that during the shoot of Battle of Wits in Beijing he has a Mercy as personal car ready to take him every where he want to go.

these are the 11 branches they own
Name of 11 branches :

Apgujeong main store, in Seoul
World Trade Center store, in Seoul
Chunho store, in Seoul
Shinchon store, in Seoul
Mia store, in Seoul
Mokdong store, in Seoul
Jungdong store, in Gyeonggi-do
Ulsan store, in Ulsan
Ulsan Dong-gu store, in Ulsan
Busan store, in Busan
Gwangju store, in Gwangju

credits to se7enchoi+shenyuepop


  1. i got this info from internet. Hope its not just rumour. If Siwon visit this page, pls correct me if it is wrong or not. I'll update the true one.

  2. just keep going with your life and do your best oppa.... ;)

  3. also look here for more information about his family

  4. I want to marry choi si won

  5. Choi Siwon, the first time I saw you in the drama''Oh!My Lady'', I heard you singing the song''Kajima''and I believe you're an great actor and a great singer. It seems that you are a man with a good soul and faithful and for that I'll be your fan forever.FIGHTING!!! ;-)

  6. siwon has a younger sister called jiwon also..

  7. He is just perfect for me...