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Friday, August 14, 2009

Prince Choi Si Won

This video that become hot topic in Super Junior's fans . It's about Sung Min and DongHae 's interview. It's quite funny when MC doesnt agree and frowns with SungMin opinion himself more cute than Siwon. And MC clarify it with say it again, "you mean, you are more than PRINCE Siwon?? " lol
no problem for me if SungMin is cutest. Because for me, Siwon has manly look. And 'macho **' lol
Poor SungMin, why they doesnt agree with his opinion ? ^^..

How come people say Siwon with "Prince Siwon" ? It seems exaggerating ..^^ but you can find out why with watch this video ^^

Korea's Female idol's choice Super Prince, and the finalist goes to : Heechul, DongHae and Siwon.And the Super Prince is Siwon.
The funniest thing is.. Siwon became so nervous and even offered the chooser to have dinner together with him. When fellow teased him, who is ezactly he means, Siwon face turned so nervous and back to his seat rashly...
why he became nervous?? ^^

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