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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Choi Siwon in Hope TV 24 Jackie Chan's Hope Charity Event

2009 Hope TV arrived at the Republic of Korea.
The world star Jackie Chan visited Korea for Tong Young’s event,
where Super Junior attended.
Han Geng, Si Won, and Dong Hai.
Super Junior.
Most of all, they were all good-looking.
When I saw them in person, they were shiny like a sunny spring day.
Did I like Song-Kol-Mae like this when I was young …?
Along with kids, enjoying the games,
during a break, the way how they treated kids,
They did not look like typical idols.
During interview with Jakie Chan, Jeon Hye Bin, and Super Junior
at waiting room,
they were all eloquent talkers.
I am not sure if it would be broadcasted or not
it was very meaningful what Dong Hai said on the spot
after Jackie Chan’s suggestion.
‘Dear Super Junior fans,
although we are very grateful for what you have presented to us,
we wish you to show your gratitude to those who are in need
from now on.’
Super Junior,
Like interview on that day,
wish you to be reborn as a representative band that
do many good things to Repubic of Korea.

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  1. in many occasion I said that there's no other star in Hollywood that concerned so much to help others than Jackie Chan, yeah is true that Angeline and Brat, but this men always think in his continent, since China until Japan.