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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Choi Si Won in YeoYouManMan

video 1
Best Idol , Super Junior who were on top at music chart even in Taiwan and Thailand for "Sorry sorry" in 5 weeks. Go International, Super Junior!!
Find their mature side as a men in YeoYouManMan
This is a story of 13 men

The video started with Jun Woo Joo, who is called as mother of Korean visited Super Junior's dorm. Even she doesnt know the group's name and how to to spell "Super Junior" *how funny* . She brought kimchi *a korean famous food*, and some other food.
At 02.23, after she pressed the bell button, she even yelled to Super Junior's member to open the door quickly *lol*
*whoaaa.. such a luxurious dorm ^^ with many hand writing of fans on the outer wall*

First impression from Jun Woo Joo "whoaaa so many shoes here" *lol* "shoes everywhereee"
After guess 2 times, Jun Woo Joo still failed to say their group name *lol*

There are many award cups. The awards that they received from many music events especially when they received it as no.1 in music program. Including :
5 awards from Music Bank (Famous Music program in South Korea) that they received in 5 weeks continuely. *whoaaa*, and also
something like gold bars they received as Most Famous Band in Asia from MTV Asia Award.
Ironically they sometimes put it on floor or even use it as a tool to support other stuff . Shindong said "Because too many awards" *whoaaa*

Shindong at 08.48 tell about moment that they attend the Jackie Chan's charity event in Beijing as guest star where 80.000-90.000 people watched their performances in stadium.
After Jackie left the stage, super junior came to stage. And suddenly, the stadium was be shaken by huge screams from fans. Even Jackie asked from his room, "who is on the stage now?" Then someone told him. "It is Super Junior."
*whoaaa...big applause for them*

Members show their rooms. Eunhyuk has a very clean and neat room.

At 07.46 Super Junior are in studio now. The hosts are Ji Suk Jin and Choi Won Jung (she is a fan of Super Junior). Unfortunately, KiBum and Heechul were not with them.They introduced their self which were written on their labels that were on their chest:
Eunhyuk : "Hello, i'm dance machine, Eunhyuk"
Leeteuk : *with funny unpleasant face* "I'm old idol"
*as mentioned on label lol* .. @#$#% "I was born on 1983, many people think i'm old . i dont think i'm old enough" *lol*

video 3

Siwon Choi
: Hello all, i'm a man with angelic smile, Choi Si Won. *whoaaaa uri Siwonnn ^^ *

Hosts praise Siwon : Whoa he is so handsome... I heard that you are the member that smile rarely. Laugh rarely.

KangIn : Hello, im the first chosen to be husband, KangIn
*sorry i dont write the sub completely here , since i only focus on Siwon ^^ *
RyeoWook : Hello, I'm the wife of king, RyeoWook *because he loves to cook for members*
HanKyung (HanGeng): Hello i'm member of Chinese F4, HanKyung
ShinDong: Hello, i'm talented guy, Shin Dong

Shin Dong add it, "my talent is to be fat man."^^
Then Hosts say : "Actually, ShinDong face is so cute."
But ShinDong say: "How come you say like that and your eyes keep only on Siwon ?" *lol*

DongHae: "Hello, I'm parents lover, DongHae"

Members reveal that DongHae always treats their parents well, even DongHae chat more with parents.

SungMin : "Hello, Im the cutest, SungMin"
Yesung : "Hello, I'm the art of voice, Yesung"
KyuHyun : "Hello, I'm odd charm, KyuHyun" *with unpleasant and confused smile..because the given title to*

video 4
It most about relationship between the members and their parents. It sounds so sweet. They love their parents and send money regularly. From 01.30, we can see how much DongHae miss his late father. He loves his father so much. DongHae's father died 0n 2006.

Yesung : "At our early debute, it was not easy for us...There was a time when my father didnt tell me about his accident, he watched me practice in tears. Once he got an accident and being hospitalized. i thought i can't see him anymore.that time, i cried often. Though we have passed many difficult time, we always told them, that we are happy because we were always together. We,Super Junior , loves our families, because they first love me. We always hope our parents stay health."

Hosts : "They are amazing idol in asia, aren't they?"

Super Junior receive many loves from around world. Korea, Thailand, China,etc. After Super Junior H, Super Junior T, Super Junior M debutes, Super Junior became known world wide. And show their another talents in many variety shows

video 5
It started with Shin Dong and his activities as DJ in radio show.
May 15,2009, Music Bank event.
at 02.27, Siwon and KangIn were taking observe a phone cell. *it looked like a smart phone*
Every members are waiting their time to perform. Leeteuk was looked taking nap.Kangin explained that "Leeteuk always take a nap before performance."

At 02.54,and 03.02 Siwon with v sign is ready step to stage.
At 04.00, it is the short video cut when they won their another award from Music Bank as no.1 in the chart before May 15,2009.
How about now (May 15,2009)? They are nominee (again) of Music Bank award.
The result is at 05.28,...they win again!!!!! *horrayyy..standing applause*
It means they won the awards for 5 weeks continuely.

At 06.31, they are talking about CF in China mainland. That is Super Junior-M. * i think it is Pepsi*
At 08.10 Super Junior KRY sing their song with their voice amazingly..because their heavenly voices.

video 6
They started with talking about KangIn's habit that he can not shut his mouth up to tell stories about something he called 'secret' to everyone. *lol*
Host asked Siwon's comment at 0.23 ^^
If you watch this video, you can see Siwon's skinship with KangIn and Leeteuk when other members complaint their (KangIn and Leeteuk) habits. Siwon was trying to make KangIn and Leeteuk feel acceptable instead of ashamed.
Yesung revealed that Leeteuk's narcissism , that ever asked a child that is standing near him 'do you like me, dont u?' *lol*
and even asked his hairstylist that younger than him 'do u like me, dont u?' *rofl*
At 08.52
Host : " After seeing full members, acknowledge that Siwon is the most handsome one."
Siwon : "Thank you"
Members: "Always like this, minutes before, they(hosts) praise ShinDong is cute, and after that, they definetely praise Siwon. Of course now, they say it sincerely not like before when it went to ShinDong" *lol*

video 7
Still talking about Siwon
Host response to members' last statement : I just relate it (comment that Siwon is most handsome) to our next question'
Host (man): But truly, Siwon is cool, is not he?
Host (woman): Yes
Host (woman): By the way, the third album's concept is 'sexy concept' right?
Siwon : Yes
Host : So, how is your preparation or change to this concept ?
Siwon : I just using eyeliner *lol ->get faint*
Host : Whoaa... very cool you are.
Members : Siwon just need eyeliner and it is enough.
Host : What do you think about yourself , Siwon? You are quiet person.
RyeoWook : Siwon is so discipline. After schedule times, he takes sport/physical exercise. We are already tired, so we slept or do something easy thing. But Siwon always goes to gym.
KangIn : Not only at 10 pm, but also at 3 am or 4 am. Siwon only take 2 hours to sleep
*oooo no, Siwon,, you must stay healthy , dont you? *

KyuhYun : Siwon also has another hidden talent. He can show you something funny. He doesnt do that in front of camera, but only if he is with the members. And make us laugh.
Host : *looking with curious expression* Can you show us something funny ?
KangIn suggest : You better pretend as Andre Kim..
Siwon (as KangIn's suggestion) : *with shy face, imitate Andre Kim's voice* Jin Suk Jin, nice to meet you
Members and hosts : laugh
Host : *feel satisfied and laugh* O thats good..really
KangIn : You can see Siwon was a cover model for Men's Health magazine. He is first boyband that become it's cover model. Men's Health show everything .. Siwon's muscles..everything..Six pack..

When Leeteuk tell about his desire and DongHae desire to have six pack as Siwon's.. KangIn press Siwon's big arm.
At 02.15
Siwon: There is time when Leeteuk hyung say this : "Siwon-ah" "Ya hyung?" "Maybe because i took exercise, i prefer use TShirt than shirt now"

This is Leeteuk message at the end of show :
Leeteuk : Hope you always give us your love and support. And after we done our activities, we hope we can meet all fans in Asia. Hope you always anticipate and always love Super Junior.

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