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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Choi Si Won and his mandarin skill

The Chinese market lately has been a huge "piece of meat", artists from all over the world come to China. Korea, being the cloest, made the first step, having many artists come to seek gold. Coming to China, the language is definitely the first challenge foreign artists have to face. Han Geng leading SJ-M is becoming one of the examples but their Mandarin skills are not evened out.

Graceful Prince Choi Siwon (SJ-M)
Mandarin Level: ***
Potential Level: ****

Choi Siwon once came to Beijing to learn Mandarin so we have expected a lot from him but from daily shows and events they attend makes me slightly disappointed. Maybe the main reason to go to Beijing that time was to learn the structure of Chinese, but I believe he still has the potential to improve.

Sweet Linguistic, Donghae
Mandarin Level: ***
Potential Level: ****

Donghae catches everyone's hearts, sometimes asking Han Geng secretly what "baby", "I love you" mushy terms in Chinese. But this makes the fans go wild. His pronunciation is very good. Continue to practice so then you can communicate with more people.

Credit: ifensi

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