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Monday, July 13, 2009

Siwon photos - Korean Men's Health Magazine

Choi Si Won has appeared in a photoshoot in the June issue of Men’s Health magazine.
The magazine company also said, “This is the first time we have a idol on the cover of our magazine.”

The great built was attributed to that fact that Si Won is quite obsessed with exercising. In the past 4 years, he has a personal trainer with whom he will train with at the health club.
Aired on KBSTV May 27, Siwon reveals how 'To be the best at having a perfect body.

He shivered, 'I only exercise.' Yesung then revealed 'The exercise he does is really hard and really tough for me.' The accusation caused laughter amongst the members.

Siwon also revealed that eating the most delicious foods gives you the body and figure that you want. He also said its easy to see the strengths of the other members when the light is on them when performing on stage.

When the group was performing 'It's You' on KBS Music Bank, Siwon was one of the first one's to cry when they won an award. He said 'I loved being on the stage and being with the fans, its exciting.' He confessed that sometimes he has a teary moment even though he a strong man.

The concept to the photoshoot (Men's Health Magazine) is basketball which is Si Won’s hobby. Si Won’s trainer said, “For this photoshoot, SiWon had lost about 15kg in 1 month, and right now he is still slowly cutting down his weight from 75kg.”

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  1. i have read your magazine. All very interesting. I want to read more of what you have to say. Siwon photos are really great. i enjoyed it to read.

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  2. WoW Great he is look like a Bruce LEE...........

    smith Alan