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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Siwon's new drama

Rumor 3: Siwon. There is a Japanese-Korean co-produced live version film called “Hei Zhi Shi” which was adapted from the Japanese manga, and Siwon has already agreed to play the main role?

Siwon: It’s not already confirmed that I’ll be playing the main role. Right now, we are still in the discussion stage. Besides “Hei Zhi Shi”, there are other works being considered now as well. (I) believe that I will come out as actor Siwon Choi to see everyone soon.

Rumor 4: Hangeng. Wants to star in “The Invincible Ugly Girl” (Chinese adaption of the American series “Ugly Betty”) Season 3?

Hangeng: Actually, I have heard/read about this through the internet. If the company has decided, they would tell me. Right now we are busy with SJ activities, if that’s the case, then the company will notify me. I, myself, also hope to participate in these kinds of drama (castings).

Rumor 7: Donghae. Your Korean minihompy’s name is Kim Kyang Suk (this is a female name) why?

Donghae: (In Chinese) She is my mom’s name ~ because ~~ (how to say it, asks Hangeng)

Hangeng: Just use Korean instead.

Donghae: I just want to show off my Chinese for a bit.

Donghae: I used my own name for my personal homepage before, but my account was hacked, so I could only use my mom’s homepage to communicate with fans. Hope everyone will visit my CYWORLD (used Chinese for the last phrase).

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