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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Siwon - His react when Heechul gets angry

This video is about the reactions of Super Junior members when Heechul (one of it's member) gets angry. Note at time 00:43, Siwon's reaction. Let's always support Siwon to always be a gentleman everywhere as shown here. ^^ God bless Siwon.

It's like Heechul was in an interview..
Heechul (H) : When i'm not in the good mood? You know...
Heebon (Interviewer, initialized with "I") : Do you throw stuff?
H : Ahhhhhh!! *thump thump thump*
Jungsu (Leeteuk) goes , "Something must have happened.."
The manager hyung goes "What's with him again?"
Kangin goes ..... "oh geezz ..." Kangin's like , "Ah, spit it out. What happened, again? Who did it? Spit it out~ "
Donghae goes .."Ugh, he's like that again. He's like that again." Donghae has a different accent because he's from Mokpo)
Hankyung like , "Heechul...wha you want to drik beer?"


H: In a case with someone like Kibum, he's just quiet and does nothing. Same with Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Shindong, and Ryeowook.

I: It seems like they'd just go to another room.

H: They just do nothing
Siwon's always the one who doesn't leave you alone. After i've destroyed everything in the room, he always comes in late.... "Hyung, did something happened ? Hyung, hyung... why are you like this...what made you feel bad? "
and he keeps talking

So i go , "Siwon, hyung's not feeling good right now."
Then right that moment, Kangin and Donghae walk in
Kangin goes "Hush! get out! He's not feeling good."
And Donghae goes "Get out~get out" (with his Mokpo accent)
Then Siwon says , "Hyung,...Cheer up!"
Then Yesung comes in . "What? What! What is this! Wha? Ah hyung, why are you like this again. Who's bothering you? Who?"

translated by : pinkiyoojin@youtube

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