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Friday, July 3, 2009

Siwon - Han Geng

At Star Magazine, an entertaiment magazine in China, Siwon reveals his opinions about Han Geng (an another Super Junior-M :sub group of Super Junior: member). Here they are..

By Choi Siwon

I’ve known Han Geng hyung for 6 years. Unlike other Super Junior members, Han Geng hyung came to Korea to become a singer all by himself through a talent search by SM in China. Now, hyung finally has the chance to go back to his country and realize his dreams on Chinese ground.


When I first saw Han Geng hyung, far away from his home, fighting for his dreams in Korea alone, my first thought was that how could there be a person this strong. Since then, I was determined to always be by hyung’s side, and protect his dreams. No matter what problems he will face, I will always be there with him. And I hope that when hyung is sad, he will remember that I’m by his side.

Now we’re in China, back in hyung’s motherland, and able to see hyung’s mother, whom he missed dearly, I’m truly happy for hyung. Hyung faced a lot of hardships in Korea, even though right now we’re in China, since we have already debuted as singers, we can’t experience the pain and pressure that hyung endured in Korea. When we’re in Korea, hyung is full of pride whenever he talks about his motherland. I can feel that hyung really does love his country. Now, we’ve come to the place that hyung grew up, we’ve seen the people that hyung loves, and we’ve also seen hyung’s and our fans. We want to give these beautiful people our best performances.

When I was studying abroad in China, I went to Geng hyung’s house, I saw his mother. She is very young, very pretty, and makes very good dumplings. But back then, I felt embarrassed to go eat there often, so when I went back to Korea, I started missing her dumplings. Now that SJ-M lives in Beijing, I finally have a chance to eat them often.

The earthquake in China impacted the lives of many Chinese citizens seriously. Every member of SJ-M was deeply pained by this, and showed our caringness in many different ways. Han Geng hyung even donated a large sum of money with the eye-drop company that he endorses. Hyung is very kind, there isn’t anyone who is kinder than him. But hyung, we are sworn brothers, please don’t say bad things about me on shows, OK? Don’t think that I can’t understand you when you’re using Chinese. You should know that my Chinese is pretty good.


Han Geng hyung is Super Junior M’s leader. In our group, besides him, Zhou Mi and Henry, the other four members, including me, are all from Korea. I had studied in China for a few months, so to come to China again, everything feels very familiar and friendly. I’m also used to living there. But it’s different for Donghae, Ryeowook and Kyuhyung. They had to start from the very beginning, everything was new for them. Han Geng hyung knows the hardships of living another country very well, and doesn’t want them to experience the hardships he had faced, so he’s always wanting to help them more so that they can get used to living in China as soon as possible.

Hyung’s home is in Beijing, and isn’t very far from our dorm. Hyung’s mother has 2 very famous dumpling restaurants. We’ve all eaten there, everyone loves Han Mama’s dumplings. So Hyung always remembers to bring delicious food to share with us in the dorm when he goes home. In the dorm, besides Ryeowook’s cooking, we always eat take-out. When we get tired of the taste of take-out food, the food that hyung brought back comforts us greatly. Han Mama always remembers us, and worries that we’re not used to living here, so she makes many different Chinese dishes for Han Geng hyung to bring to us.

Han Geng hyun said that now that he’s the leader of M, he experienced a lot of stress that Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk hyung felt in Korea. Some people want us to compare SJ-M’s leader Han Geng hyung with Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk hyung. We really have nothing to say, because the environment is different and the matters they deal with are different. But the members are thankful of the love and caring hearts of the two hyungs as leaders. Leeteuk hyung is Super Junior’s leader forever, while Han Geng hyung is SJ-M’s leader forever.


  1. aww siwon
    poor hangeng
    so sweet
    this made me cry
    ilovveyou SIWON!!


  3. Dear HanKyung I love him, I love Super Junior!