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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Siwon - congratulatory flower stands for Super Show

congratulatory flower stands for Shindong (another member of Super Junior) and Siwon
2009/07/22 by foreverELfish_kris
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On Shimshimtapa, Shindong talked about the congratulatory flower stands for Super Show.

shindong: we had 10 congratulatory flower stands for our con. this is first time we get that many flowers~

shinyoung: wow great!!

Shindong: one of them is from simsimtapa radio, so i was really happy, but
there was a mistake…..on the flower, the word said ‘ To sindon! ‘ not ’shindong’!!
(’don’ means pig in korean!!)

Shinyoung: oh… hahaha that must have been a mistake!!

Shindong: I know… but the flower shop is even located in our writer’s neighborhood…
but I was happy and that will be my great memory…

Shinyoung: yeah, I think so

Shindong: ah! i have other funny stuffs
the others were from another radio and fans. the funny thing is fans send it using Han ga-in’s name for us!!
and the other 7 flower stands were for Siwon from some chairmen of enterprises.

Shinyoung: what?!! to Siwon ssi?

Shindong: yeah… all of them were from CEO of *** or chairman of *** , so it seemed that Siwon managed the business.
but those were because of Siwon’s dad who manages big business.
anyway we have to find favor in Siwon’s sight ^^ he is amazing~

Shinyoung: wow, but you know what? i prefer you to him~~

Shindong : even if i were Shindon?

Shinyoung: oh… that’s weird… haha
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