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Friday, July 3, 2009

Choi Siwon - Lee Dong Hae

At Star Magazine, an entertaiment magazine in China, Dong Hae (an another Super Junior-M :sub group of Super Junior: member) reveals his opinions about Choi Siwon. Here they are..


By Lee Donghae

“Gentleman” is the best word that describes Siwon. Siwon is always very polite with everyone, and even though we made fun of his frequent hand gestures, those gestures actually represent Siwon’s politeness to other people. Even when he is angry, he tries his best to calm himself, and discuss the problem with other people in a very reasonable manner. Siwon is seriously too handsome when he’s like this.


Siwon is a very good friend of mine, but to tell you the truth, when I first met him, I thought he would be very hard to approach. He was so tall and handsome, “Would a guy like this look down on other people?” I thought at the time. But Siwon isn’t like that, he always has a smile on his face, sometimes he’s scary when he’s serious, but when he’s faking seriousness he becomes very cute. Siwon is a very kind person, his heart is very gentle, completely different from his strong outside appearance. When we were having promotions, an earthquake happened in China, everyone was very sad. At night, when everyone was watching TV together in the dorm, Siwon always started crying as he watched. Every night, Siwon would pray silently, praying so that people in earthquake-stricken areas could walk out from the disaster.

Siwon is also very considerate. I’m the kind of person who feels irritated if I don’t get everything off my chest. Every time I say something bad, Siwon always looks at me innocently and listens to me until I finish talking. And then no matter what I said was wrong or right, he would always make me feel better first.

Siwon’s tolerance, gentleness and kindness often makes people feel that he’s very big.
Siwon is also a very responsible man. He went to China in order to learn Chinese for filming “Battle of Wits.” For a person who didn’t understand Chinese at all, everything had to start at zero. when we first started recording “U” in Chinese, Han Geng hyung and Zhou Mi were helping us with Chinese pronunciation. They were very patient, but they were also very strict. But, the point I want to make is, Chinese pronunciation is really hard! There was one place where Siwon had to record many times, and each time he was negated by the 2 hyungs. Siwon, who used to be very confident with his Chinese, suddenly exploded and made the hyungs leave. But he stayed in the room himself to practice again and again. During that period of time, he worked very hard and put in a lot of effort. Even when he was sick, he didn’t let it affect his work. He would always use smile in front of the fans.

Han Geng hyung says that out of all the SJ-M members, the worst to control are me and Siwon. Actually, I’ve noticed a long time ago that every time I pull a prank, Siwon was always there to help. Every time I would say “Siwon ah, wouldn’t it be fun if we did this?” He would be full of righteousness and say to me “How can we that, let’s forget about this.”
But in the end, he always actively participates in my plan. When we succeed, he really seems like a kid with those 2 large dimples of his when he smiles.
Siwon also really knows how to act cute. And it’s the type that completely does not match with his appearance. “Hyung, I worked so hard, let me kiss you,” he would say this while holding hyung’s hand. This guy also really likes skinship. In the beginning it gave me headaches. I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to be hugged by others. But after a while, not only me, but everyone in the group got used to Siwon’s skinship.

When Zhou Mi sees that Siwon is trying to get close with him, he throws himself at Siwon. Hehe.

Lately in China, Siwon suddenly became very active.
In Korea, Siwon didn’t participate in many shows, and even if does go on a show, he shows his solemn side in front of the camera. But his actions in China completely surprised us. “He’s lying,” “Seriously,” became his best comebacks with Han Geng hyung. He not only banters with Han Geng hyung, he doesn’t let the hosts off either. Siwon really does like China a lot, so he wants to show his truest side to everyone. And so, everyone sees an adorable Siwon, who is talkative like a chatty maid.

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  1. he sounds awesome =)thanks for posting this

  2. ya, he is best idol for me.. siwon has good attitude and kind heart

  3. Siwon definitely a great idol and a role model :)